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    H22 cankshaft turbo ready?

    I have been looking around, and I can't find out anywhere if the stock crankshaft in an h22 is strong enough for boost (18+ PSI). I found out that all Honda crankshaft are forged (right?), so that means that they are ready for boost, but I have seen conflicting answers saying yes and no. If...
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    1988 Honda Prelude SI 4WS

    Yes they are great cars, I have 2 88's, identical besides the color and 4ws. The 4WS needs an engine though, as the engine that was in it was thought to need a new head gasket, so I bought the thing with the valve cover pulled off and the timing belt removed and it turns out that the guy had...
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    Best parts/engine for turbo?

    Yeah i'll be dropping the compression no matter what engine I get. Forged pistons and rods are in the future.
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    1988 Honda Prelude SI 4WS

    So i'm Trevor and i've had this crazy idea to have a 400+HP (at the wheels) Prelude for the last few years. The idea is to spend about $15k on the whole car when i'm done. A couple grand on the body, a couple on the suspension, and a lot on the engine. Turbo, cams, valves, injectors...
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    Best parts/engine for turbo?

    Ok, so what i'm looking to find out is what engine, or block/head, would be best to put a turbo on and a lot of boost? (10+ PSI) I'm not looking for a $15,000 engine or anything here, so it needs to be cheap. Around or below $3-5K is what is ideal for me. I've been looking at H22's and...

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