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    Passed my practical :d

    I'm so happy that i passed, first time :) Now all i need to do is find some money and get a car and insurance :(. OH, also, if i wanted to drive my mums car, would i need to be insured on it or would it just be ok aslong as i was given permission?
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    Insurance :(

    thanks, i shall bear that in mind for when i eventually do get my car and insurance
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    Insurance :(

    I was told by a non reliable source that if you install any sort of ICE into your car e.g. Subs, new speakers etc, your insurance goes up, is this true, because I think thats bolocks :) Thankyou :)
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    How loud do you play your Music?

    All depends on how I feel when listening to music really.
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    Hey, names mike, I am a complete newbie when it comes to tuning, this is mainly because I dont actually own a car and haven't yet passed my driving test :sad2:. I am however looking at getting an old ford fiesta model, or taking my mums vauxhall corsa off her hands and tuning either of them to...

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