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    My Saab 900

    Looks nice, plans sound promising too!
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    Most BHP per £ = grin per £

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    Uneven tyre wear.

    This thread is 2 n a half years old :bigsmile:
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    W8 went for an MOT...

    Congrats :)
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    Wangan Midnight movie

    Dont have a clue what the plot is but some nice cars
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    Abit of general help please.

    Book your driving test asap because waiting lists are massive
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    competition..what is this interior???

    Its nice
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    just finished ma boot build

    Nice work
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    London Taxi, Will it drift?

    Presentation reminds me more of braniac
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    How much carbon fibre is too much

    Bonnet and tailgate is about as far as I would go
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    Hi :)

    I've found Direct Line to be the cheapest with my quotes, give em a try I'm in the same boat as you
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    What penalities would you give for the following

    35 mph in a 30 mph zone - £20 fine 40 mph in a 30 mph zone - 3 points, £20 fine 75 mph in a 70 mph zone - Warning 80 mph in a 70 mph zone - £20 fine 85 mph in a 70 mph zone - 3 points, £20 Parking on a double yellow line - Car towed + £50 release Driving whilst just over the legal limit - £100...
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    Wanted! 02-05 BMW 330ci

    A bit like this?
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    My new toy...

    Oohh niiice.
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    Worst colours for a car

    Brown/Beige/Gold = lol
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    My stilo 1.6 5dr

    As he said there are only limited items available for the 5 door version I think its nice what you've done, very subtle, keep it up :blink1:
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    civic 1994 b16a2

    I think thats the nicest Civic I've ever seen congrats :amuse:
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    Jealousy or respect

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    Street legal drag car

    Sounds brill, good luck if you go ahead with it
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    My mates two litre Toyota engined Smart.

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    What is the best French car Ever

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    my mk2 Jolf GTI beater

    Ah if only it was a smaller engine, anyway good luck with the sale!
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    setting up a dragstrip

    Or you could buy an abandoned airport :bigsmile:
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    My S2000

    Great choice, bet your chuffed you went with them ones!
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    JDM twin turbo vr4 galant

    Nize... got any figures?
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    matts 01 trans am

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    Hey ya'll

    Welcome. Please dont hurt me :(
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    Petrol prices dropping

    Texaco are an absolute rip-off :(
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    Re: Performance, Tuning & Modified Show 2009

    I would agree the last one is somewhat a highlight ;)
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    To Strip or Not to Strip, that is the question

    Stunning - I would keep it but I guess its understandable to sell it on if its keeping your other plans on hold
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    If budget airlines made cars

    If you want your bags back within half an hour then YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY
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    Your thoughts

    Not to my taste at all
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    ASC audios Mazda RX7

    Yeah thats what came into my head too :cheesy: When you took it off the road I didnt think you could make it better than it was before. But clearly I have no imagination Well done
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    New project..

    Are the bucket seats included? :P Nice find
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    Driving test-examiners are idiots!!

    Yeah book it for then mate, mine is on the 13th :bigsmile:
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    Back in a mk2 Golf at last!

    Looovely :)
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    Do you discuss licence endorsements with friends

    I don't see a problem with it
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    Hi guys

    Heyyy welcome! ;)
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    How many car makers can we name


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