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  1. steviem

    Most miles on a tank of fuel

    I'm only after buying an old shape a4 tdi and the day i bought it i but 50 litres into it and got 625 miles to it, i cudn't believe it,haha what a recession busting car,lol!!! :D
  2. steviem

    Gearbox mount query

    Sorry for the delay pgarner, i don't know what yr of car the mount came off but my engine code is AHU and the gearbox code looks to be either DHF or DHI, the original R/H gearbox mount that was on the car was part no. 8D0399114S and i just got the same thing at the scrap yard until i realised it...
  3. steviem

    Gearbox mount query

    Hi I bought a 97 tdi 90bhp A4 recently, but theres a thump from the gearbox when i change gears, i persumed the rubber mounts were gone but when i had a look under it the right hand side alluminium mount was broken. I got one from a scrapyard handy enough but when i took out the old one, i...
  4. steviem

    Advice on camshafts

    Thanks Sid that was some great information, but what do you mean when you say: "The stock heads flow well as they are, but a good 3 or 5-angle valve seat job wouldn't do any harm." Whats does 3 or 5 angle mean? is it degrees?
  5. steviem

    Car stickers

    You'd see some really good ones, my older brother had a sticker on the no. plate of his motorbike and it said "Sorry officer the devil made me do it" Or I've seen on a twin cam "After 7000 revs no one can hear you scream" lol!!!
  6. steviem

    Top Tips & trade secrets.

    Well this is probably obvious but when you're replacing spark-plugs always start them by hand if you can to prevent cross-threading the plugs and having to find out what a Heli-coil is!! :cheesy: haha
  7. steviem

    Would you buy a high mileage car or an older one

    I would go for a car that would in the country more than a city car, partly because and i often wonder this why manufacturers would never put an engine hour clock in a car aswell like on excavators,etc. A typical city car might only have 50,000 miles but how many hours of sitting in traffic...
  8. steviem

    Car Names

    I didn't either but then when i bought the 325, Lock Stock was on the number plate above the reg, i haven't a clue what it's supposed to mean but it stuck, now everyone knows her as Lock Stock,haha Then when i bought the 316, because the 325 had a name the 316 seemed to get called Dirty Harry...
  9. steviem

    How to use a choke

    God my first car had one too, a Fiat Uno! God can't remember when i heard someone talking about a choke,haha!! They took abit of getting used to but once you use it, then it was no hassle. No way the Fiat would have started though without it on a cold morning though!! lol!! She was a great...
  10. steviem

    cleaning the grime out of engine

    Well if its the inside of the engine, don't go down the same road as the guy who decided to shove the hose into his filler cap and wash the engine through with water!! haha :toung: Be cautious though even washing the outside of the engine with water or a steamcleaner, petrols don't like...
  11. steviem

    First thing you do when you get a car

    Usually when i get a car, theres always something to be done to it, like it seems to be that every car i buy is at the mileage where its due a timing belt, so i end up bringing the car home, ordering a belt and in the case of some cars take off the bumper :( nothing worse than having the rip...
  12. steviem

    help car wont run ????

    All it can be is something small I'd say too, the likes of a wrong vacuum hose somewhere, is your butterfly flap opening and closing smoothly?
  13. steviem

    I Had An Accident Last Night

    Nothing more annoying than having a tip in the car, but at least you're ok lad!! Don't know alot about Civics but could you convert it to discs at the back aswell? I'm planning to do it to my e30 316, just change over the parts from a 318is or 325 abit of work but can't beat discs all round!!
  14. steviem

    Other Car Forums

    I'm on E30Owners aswell but think TC is definetly the friendliest site and like pgarner said if you ask a question on TC then it will be answered :)
  15. steviem

    Staring at traffic lights

    The funniest thing happened me one morning heading to college, i was waiting at the front of the line at a red light and as normal half asleep and away in my own little world :cheesy:!! and all of a sudden i looked back up at the light and it was just going from amber to red again!! lol So i had...
  16. steviem

    Drivers with mechanical knowledge

    I think that if you can tell alot about a person by how he minds his car, and i know when i jump into the car in the morning i wouldn't dare bring it above 3000 revs until the temp gauge starts to rise. We used to have an Audi 80 1.6 Turbo diesel at home but we put on one of those Kenlowe Hot...
  17. steviem

    Help needed with auto gearbox

    Did it all work ok before you ahd problems with the engine? Is there power going to the solenoids to select the gears or would it be worth checking the relief valve on the transmission pump incase it was stuck open maybe!!
  18. steviem

    American mechanic

    Dear God, what was going through his head, maybe........ "should i get some washing up liquid too" :lol:
  19. steviem

    Pre journey checklist

    Well this is sorta a check i suppose but i always keep jump leads and a small toolbox in the boot with the likes of cable ties and bits in it. You never know when you might leave lights on or something simple like that or have a problem that needs a quick fix to get you out of a hole!! Or is...
  20. steviem

    Greatest car..

    Yeah the GT3 is a beauty alright but I'd say I'd probably go for the E30 M3, beautiful car,plenty of guts, solid on the road, rear wheel drive :D,.......... I could go on here!! :lol:
  21. steviem

    E30 316 Starting Problems

    Hiya, no didn't get much of a chance to check it out yet, the last time it did it i got out and crossed the starter just to see would it start and it did so think it could be the ignition switch!
  22. steviem

    Brakes on an Audi?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know on a 2002 A4 Quattro is there a special tool to push the brake caliper piston back into the caliper or can it be done without it,with a g-clamp or is it on a thread? Also what oil goes into the diff and gearbox? Is it atf? Thanks
  23. steviem

    E30 316 Starting Problems

    Hi, I recently bought a 1991 E30 316, it runs sweet but at times when i go to start it, turn on the ignition which is all fine, and then when i turn it to start it there nothing, and i mean nothing at all! Eventually after playing with it, then it starts, theres no remote central locking so...
  24. steviem

    What makes a good car chase scene

    Definetly skillful driving, did you ever see The Transporter, the first one? At the beginning of that theres a class chase :bigsmile:
  25. steviem

    My 325i sport

    Hi lads, i didn't really know how to put photos up on this forum so i put them up on the gallery if you want to check them out!! :) Click the pic to see the gallery;)
  26. steviem

    Info on a drift car

    Hi, I'm only getting into drifting lately but have been a few track days watching lads and was thinking about getting a cheap e30 for it at some stage just for abit of fun. I was told though that a rwd car with standard suspension is incapable of diffing or drifting. What basic alterations...
  27. steviem

    Have BMW designers lost the plot

    Thought when the new shape came out it looked like something that should be above on the moon, so many angles. I think with the older cars, E21's E30's etc. the 4 round lights were a sort of trademark to Bm, even though at the time other cars had them aswell.After a while the new shape does grow...
  28. steviem

    most beautiful car

    I'd say 1967 Mustang, what a beauty :D
  29. steviem


    Thanks lads! God this is one friendly site :)!!! I don't really have a budget set for the car yet though Wayne, Have big plans for it but theres no rush with some of them, (respray and the likes ;) haha)!!! At this point the car is stored in the garage at home and since the camshaft needs...
  30. steviem

    Is driving addictive

    I'd say its definetly addictive, I love driving my car, I've had newish cars in the past, they were grand but I'm an old skool by heart, so nothing better than cruising in an E30 or any other classic for that matter! No point driving fast either, you want people to see you,:lol:!!!!
  31. steviem

    Advice on camshafts

    Thanks boy, it will probably be a while before i can get the bucks together to get the job underway! but thanks for the info, must look into mild cams
  32. steviem

    Advice on camshafts

    Hi, I have a 1990 E30 325 with basically a stock M20b25 engine, all that was ever put onto it was an induction filter, and rebuilt the bottom end in May 08(mains and big-ends) but now the camshaft needs replacing due to wear.I was thinking of a Fast Road Cam or I've seen these come in kits...
  33. steviem


    Hi everyone, I'm Stevie, I have a E30 1990 325i Sport,so hopefully be able to get a few tips on boosting it up abit, site seems very interesting so far :)

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