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    Passed my testt!

    Its been a whilee since ive been on here but passed my test yesterday :D Shame my cars in the bloody garage at the moment :( Blown Alternator :( Anyways, any top tips before i crashh?? mrcog :P
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    My Sound System

    Just to make things a bit more complicated, you also need a crossover, it splits the bass, treble and high frequencys so you can have the bass pumping out lows and have other speakers putting out the highers bits. Also, it may not be true but i thought that you needed a different amp for the...
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    Airbags. Do you need them?

    I was just looking at after-market steering wheel and i wondered. WHy do none of them have airbags. They are proven to help you if your in a crash. Then i thought if it was because if you install racing seats and harnesses, they are meant to keep you in your seat. SO does that mean that you...
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    Fibre Glass Speaker enclosures

    I don't play golf so I'll be fine!
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    Fibre Glass Speaker enclosures

    Yeh, Just like that
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    Fibre Glass Speaker enclosures

    I was wondering, does anyone have one of those full boot fiber glass I.C.E. systems in their boot. Did you make it yourself, if so how or can you direct me to a website. Thanks
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    Rumour or Fact?

    I don't know whether it's against the law but if your house was burning down you would want people to give way to the fire engine so that they could get to your house faster!
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    Door Conversions

    Lambo doors all the way! :D But they are actually more practical than normal doors. Ever had a moment in the car park where you didn't leave yourself enough space to open the door enough without hitting another car. Thats where lambo doors are by far the winners :!: :!: :D
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    Are you a good passenger in a car?

    Well Coz i can't drive yet I try to do everything I can. The best time is when my dad just accelerates on a straight empty toad to shut me up.
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    *** New Honda Civic Type 'R' A W E some (incl pics) ***

    That is one HOT car. I have fallen in love with it already. Lovely thanks for brining us the pics!
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    Are neons illegal?

    Cheers. Only 14 but wanting my first car all the same :D
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    Are neons illegal?

    Just wire them up to a different circuit that you can switch off when you get pulled over. Most cops will just ask you 2 switch them off

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