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  1. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    Not std on Vitesse or Tomcat only some Ti's for some reason.
  2. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    You said you know your 2 cars, obviously not, you look into it a bit more and you would be surprised, i been there done that, got 218bhp from a 1.4 engine 15 years ago, a lots changed now, same engine 300+bhp, T16 over 800bhp i just read, unreal, 200bhp std turbo to get 230bhp, simple's
  3. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    Keep it std then if you want reliability, they are good std, soon as you mod, smething else is put under strain, especially with a turbocharged car, 620 Ti probably the best motor to have the T16, better than Tomcat, 800 Vitesse, etc, more stealth than wealth.
  4. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    You can run 260bhp on std internals with a T16. You asked for info, we are giving you the info, take it or leave it, BUDDY
  5. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    Plenty of people running 400bhp+ from T16, including one chap who has a Maestro turbo powered with a T16. Nothing wrong with Motobuild, i used them a lot, no worries, very helpfull, they did a lot of work for the big power T16's also. Yeah, of cause you need to sort the internals for big...
  6. PhatKat

    The new Project.....

    T16 lump is a good engine, similar to YB cossy. Can make up to 600bhp too but it'll cost ya. Try dropping a Pulsar turbo on it, near straight fit and gives around 230 bhp on std boost, add a Non Reciprcating bleed valve and 250bhp no probs, on low boost. Moto build best for mods, they do...
  7. PhatKat

    What would put you off owning a Ferrari?

    TVR Sagaris - Mint Motor.;)
  8. PhatKat

    Which is faster RWD or 4x4?

    My 145 bhp 1.7 Puma did 2.449 for the 60 and the Focus (310bhp) rs engined did 2.378 that i went against on that run.
  9. PhatKat

    Which is faster RWD or 4x4?

    Rwd, as 4wd cannot spin a easy, unless loads of power and even then they can bog down on the line. Porsche 911 great, as rwd and engine over wheels, a great combo for acceleration, same with Hillman Imp, see them blast off the mark, as with rear engine bike conversions and mid engine with rwd...
  10. PhatKat

    bx tuning

    Are they racing :lol:
  11. PhatKat

    Where's all the 620ti owners? Any out there?

    2 good mods for the Ti - Non reciprocating bleed valve, same trick as normal bleed valve but somehow works in reverse, so sh*t loads of boost and less lag, had one on my 820 Vitesse Turbo. Also had a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R turbo fitted inplace of the std turbo, few minor mods required but...
  12. PhatKat

    1996 Discovery V8i

    The heads off the Twin plennum Rover Vitesse V8 should fit on and they have the higher compression ratio, that is the main difference as well as adding tubular exhaust manifolds they make a lot of difference on the Disco
  13. PhatKat

    Hi There

    Cheers all. Pics, waste at moment, looks totally std :P
  14. PhatKat

    most beautiful car

    De tomaso Pantera 50's / 60's models Ford Thunderbird. Alfa Romeo gt junior Lancia Fulvia ......etc etc etc
  15. PhatKat

    decatting saxo 1.1

    On a 1.1 engine, 2" exhaust is probably too much, de-cats are good but only with branch manifolds, to get full effect.
  16. PhatKat

    bx tuning

    I had a mk1 16rs model BX and it was quicker than my mates 205 gti 1.6, he hit the rev limiter, i left him with the sound of revs :lol: carbs, dont you just lov em :D:P
  17. PhatKat

    bx tuning

    Filter and chip on a BX16V should see, just shy of 200bhp :toung:
  18. PhatKat

    sport cat for Mi16

    March issue of PPC (practical performance car) page 119, they put up a number - 01303 245300 Hope that helps.
  19. PhatKat

    sport cat for Mi16

    Piper do a universal sport cat for £150, check the piper web site.
  20. PhatKat

    Baleno 1.3 SOHC performance upgrade

    Try a swift gti conversion to 16v, quite cheap to get these days.
  21. PhatKat


    Dave Jones - Based in north wales, does mail order too
  22. PhatKat

    1.6 grang vitara

    2 litre Grand Vitara engine will put out around 130+ bhp and can be tweeked to a lot more, near straight swap. The 1.6 (circa 90bhp) can be modded, as it is a 16v engine and fuel injection, simple things can make more power - Tubular exhaust manifold - de cat - better flowing exhaust system...
  23. PhatKat

    Help! [Suzuki Wagon R]

    You can get Universal rear top (hatchback) type spoilersfrom loads of different places. You can also get spring lifters (grayston/halfords) to gain a small amount of lift, or even poly top mounts are possible to gain extra clearance. Try some wheel spacers, as they add stability and give a...
  24. PhatKat

    Hi There

    Yeah, will when i can :p
  25. PhatKat

    Hi There

    Hi. I have a Panther Black 98 Ford Puma 1.7, mods as follows - Weight reductions 220mm uprated clutch Black diamond combi front discs Lower front strut brace Lower uprated rear engine mount Fully poly bushed Eibach springs Dreamscience loaded Modded frp chip Stainless steel cone filter with...

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