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    Possible colours for my wheels.

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    Honda Accord Type R 2000

    Make: Honda Model: Accord Type R Engine size: 2200cc Year: 2000 Description: Pre-facelift in Pirates Black(The car was re-sprayed as the drivers side was keyed and rather than having one side done I had the full car re-sprayed. This car has all the usual Type R features such as Unmarked...
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    Favourite Ferrari

    Is this not the Dino?
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    Favourite Ferrari

    Always loved the F40 and Testerossa
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    Ferrari or Lamborghini-wich is best

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    what colour combination?

    White with anthracite/grey rims or Black with anthracite/grey rims
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    Newbie saying hello

    Hi Hows it going? I am a newbie. I own a Honda Accord Type R.

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