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    Warranty - HELP!!!

    The car was bought privately. From what I remember, before the sale she had the car checked for issues by a garage and apart from a service, tyres change and a passenger side air bag light (which she got resolved), these were the only issues on the car. According to the warranty company...
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    Warranty - HELP!!!

    I don't believe they can prove the fault was there but neither can I. The garage said the computers do not show logs on when it originally occurred. This was the latest response - Reply from the main man himself - Thanks for your email. I'm sorry that you feel you haven't received the best...
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    Warranty - HELP!!!

    I took out my warranty with Warrantywise in the 2nd week of January 12 after extensive research of warranty companies. After asking many questions via email to WW apart what they cover, what would happen if the part became faulty etc and was given many assurances. Unfortunately within 3...

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