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    bad ass lanos

    Hey all, my friend is currently working on a lanos and he has asked for my help... issue... i dont have any idea wat could/should be done to this 14 yr old granma's car. so far all that has happened is knew shocks and a sway bar. any help would be AWESOME
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    w-ankel rotary engine?

    i've just found out that mx5's can fit the rx8's rotary w-ankel engine. just wondering if it is worth it?
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    where to from here?

    ive currently got a sport exhaust, stainless steal headers and a forced cold air intake aswell as cilicon based tyred for that bit of extra grip. but confused as to where to go from here. im on my p's so unfortunately turbos and superchargers are out of the question. heeelllp :P
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    new to car mods all help is appreciated :)

    howdy all, im Erick. ur typical aussie driving a not so typical mazda mx5. looking for well any info on how to modify for performance and tricks on drift awesome site btw and already studying :P

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