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    CAT stolen!!

    lol ooppsss now changed!
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    CAT stolen!!

    they defo get the cash for it i tell ya! not possible to do a bay cars are worked on, on dads driveway so big no. And where i LIVE i cant do that either so big no no
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    CAT stolen!!

    not to sure what going be done already looking into something. they took off so much from underneath about the lengh of my arm
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    CAT stolen!!

    true hun true think the old man going put that up on the house he wants see who it is we wont say what for lol!! defo weighing them there getting £50 to £80 quid each and they do at least 8 in a night a 2 min job.
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    How many doors for you

    I have 3 door on the fez but suits me as i have no back seats lol!!
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    CAT stolen!!

    they prob will hun...... my dad uses it for work so its really f***** him up at the mo, think we going to have to park it where i live after it has been fixed for a while untill he comes up with an idea not to be able to get that cat off i did suggust a flame thrower sensor!! lol
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    CAT stolen!!

    they get about £50 to £80 for the CAT and been quoted well over £1700 plus for this they really made a mess of my poor baby, they can do about 8 of these a night and will just keep on doing it had to go to the Old Bill Station get a crime ref num and they said they had so many in this...
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    Some photos of a Honda Race car.

    o my word i love it!! looks awesome!
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    CAT stolen!!

    People im fuming to say the least just to let people know and be warned my CAT off my ford 4X4 pick up was stolen was sworn right off had a quote to get mine fix and lets just say its not cheap totally fuming it was on the road not outsidethe house as this truck is normally blocked in on the...
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    Which cars are usually parked badly

    lol i can park the ST but sod parking the truck properley i give it a good go if i get fe dup thats it it stays there lol!! i dotn have it poking out so people can get in a space or anything im not that bad lol!!
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    hey welcome x
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    Hey guys

    hey and welcome x
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    new more mature members lol

    Hi Rob I totally agree with what you said i been into cars for years i been a member on a few sites and to be honest i steered away from it all now this is the onyl site i come on i find it friendly loads of advice you can ask questions and not get laughed at or get a stupid answear!! Stick...
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    new more mature members lol

    aww worth a try though lol!! :lol:
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    Are you addicted to cars

    erm yesi am, i went on hol and the first thing i did when i got home was take the car out for a run.
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    new more mature members lol

    Hi welcome to the site loving the colour of the saxo have you got any more plans for it. Awww well you lot im 25 but feel 50 if that helps lmfao!! take care
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    my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

    I do like these lil cars had one years and years ago! Keep updated with any new plans! i want pics lol""
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    My Cosworth is nearing completion

    love the vid just showed my old man he a fellow cossie lover!! this is immense.. What is the next step
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    The SNOW is back

    All the trains are up the creek going from Victoria into kent!! we not even had the bad snow yet lol!!
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    The SNOW is back

    We had snow last night which settle but nothing major it came down but now this morning its all gone and the sun is out, they said thursday is ment to be bad im hoping the sun holds out and the snow does not appear!.....
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    Sounds cool would love to see some pics of a fellow track car. I didnt get out to many track days last year so this is the year for the car to get out and about cant wait!
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    The SNOW is back

    I hate the snow cant take the car out in it to be honest, so out comes the truck to play :) this snow is killing the roads so many pot holes where i live now its made instead of darting from foxes im darting round pot holes!
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    hey and welcome
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    wanna go fast

    Hi welcome to the site. Im sure your find the answear to all your questions on here stick about, if you do go for the turbo let us know how it goes...
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    hey welcome to the site.
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    hi welcome to the site o my lord did you say it! you been to many track days, how is the clio on the track!
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    Hi welcome to the site
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    Sup xD

    Hi hun welcome to the site. love to see pics of the car :)
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    Worst looking modified car you've seen

    o my word this might be the one i see does he sometimes put a wheel on the roof.
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    Worst looking modified car you've seen

    waynee i totally understand what you mean i hate putting peoples work down butttt................................................................ i got to say i sodding hate that lol
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    fiesta st project rocking and rolling(well sort of getting there)

    Thanks for the comments i did um and er about these wheels untill i saw them on the car i was not to keen lol!!! O my god really thats sounds amazing, i mean we have a few ideas and a few plans i have spoken to a few companies so we shall just see. Friends car sounds amazing i have not seen...
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    Worst looking modified car you've seen

    o my word the pictures some of you lot have put up and bloody awful how funny is that......
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    Do you like big wheels

    Ok i do and i dont on my car i dont i just have normal 16s on it for the track and that is it i think any bigger it would look awful with the look i am going for and to be honest i dont think the handling would be much crack lol!! But all cars are different my truck has a huge set of alloys on...
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    rs7 set

    I have a set of RS7 for sale they do need a refurb and one wheel also has a slight buckle in the wheel which i have been told can be put right. Looking for a decent offer on these! will gets pics of the buckle asap!
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    eibach lowering springs

    Eibach lowering springs for sale on a fiesta st these are no longer needed so would like £80ono for the set.
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    Front and rear Struct Brace

    I have for sale my front & rear Struct brace all in for £65.
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    miltek 4-1 manifold

    Hi i have for sale my miltek 4-1 manifold which is on a fiesta st there bigger and better plans to come and this is no longer needed it has only done 300miles prob not even that. I am looking at 275ono, this can be fitted if need be. Any question please pm me also pictures are on my project...

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