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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    So me and Todd were over at French Car Show in Rockingham. But a couple more pics from that And couple from Ballymena Car Fest. And another one :)
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    Old Skool Jetta on Rota Zeros

    That works really well
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    Waynne's new car

    Looks good man
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    my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

    I love renault 5s :D
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    My Saab 900 : Version 2

    Looks good dude. Sorry to hear about the deal falling through
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    Goiod man dude. I'l have a wee dander round :)
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    This one looks like it's out of a magazine or something with everyone around it lol
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah it's on bags :) The tyres are a 195/40R16 on 8.5j and a 215/35R16 on 9j
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    Haven't updated this in a while. I have had a set of Genuine BBS RS for a while now and was basically making them fit the car lol After a whole pile of welding, drilling, fire, polishing and what not, they are eventually on :) They are 16x8.5 with 2.5" dish and 16x9 3.0" dish. The...
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    Thanks for the comments. Specs are; 2008 Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 100bhp Rayern Air Ride setup with water trap Renault 'SX' bodykit Full respray (except roof and boot) Full JL Audio sound system with air tank mounted above boot build Pioneer flip out dvd player Lenso BSX 16 x 7.5j et 22 with 3mm...
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    Bagged Mk3 Clio

    Give the car a detail the other day and decided to go for pics. Over the winter I hope to continue the front rub strip across the number plate recess, Schmidt Modern Lines 3pc (going to try to get bigger dishes so i can run 9.5/10 at the rear, Porsche Tombstones and then retrim...

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