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    Remap boost leaking

    Hi all I recently had my audi a4 1.8t 163bhp remapped and on acceleration I can hear a sound like it's leaking boost and it's not accelerating how it should hesitant etc I've had a boost leak check done and it's fine I'm wondering if it's the diverter valve not coping with the added boost...
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    audi a4 1.8t remap

    And it's a manual
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    audi a4 1.8t remap

    Had the remap done defo feel the difference don't know the actual gains in numbers until I get it dyno'd...the turbo makes like a little screech noise I guess that's the diverter.Will take it for a propper run tomorrow as I had my 11 month old son with me sat in his batman car seat lol.
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    audi a4 1.8t remap

    Hi looking forward to getting my audi a4 1.8t s line remapped tomorrow Great site learned a few new things tonight.

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