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    tdi for the family

    well , looked at the skoda , good cars but very surprised that they are holding money better than vw passats, the honda,s are a little above my price range , unless i want a real tatty one. am off to test drive a skoda rs fabia ??? . the little one lol , wife really likes them , quite nippy...
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    For less than £35k You Could Buy This...

    exactly what i was thinking , !!! does look good though , but not really my thing !!
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    The ultimate car chase scene

    yeah had forgot all about that , well ott but soo funny !! . must dig that out , got it some where on dvd !!
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    tdi for the family

    spot on thanks guys , the accord has given me something different to have a look at , and yes do like the bmw 3 series , think a 5 would be a bit large for the wife , lol . you should see here reverse ,(best not let her read this lol ) thanks for the advice again cheers !!!.
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    tdi for the family

    i have a budget of 3000 pounds cash top line , possibly go a little higher if i really liked the car , it will be a second car so only really doing about 6000 tops per year , just trying to bring costs down tbh , cheaper running costs tax , insurance etc etc
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    tdi for the family

    hi folks , after a lot of humming and harring with the wife ,we have now sold her vr6 golf, and am looking at a diesel for her.The only diesel car ive ever owned was a tdi 130 passat on a 51 plate.Wich i found a cracking motor , was fully loaded and thought it a great mile muncher.Im open to any...
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    Somebody lend me £4K?

    lol top.quote. got emailed.that of a mate and yes agree with all on here. bmw makes some gorgeous cars so do audi. and yes scoob. that thing is the car of frankenstien. one ugly mofo lol.
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    The ultimate car chase scene

    bud elkins i believe the guys name is. stood in for mcqueen. during the chase on a.good few scenes. to t9man isnt that what i have put ???? im not saying he did all the driving but some of the driving , ?? hence the exsplanation , that mcqueen did not do all of his own stunt work ??? I have...
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    The ultimate car chase scene

    sorry to.say steve mcqueen did not do all his own stunts. bud elkins i believe the guys name is. stood in for mcqueen. during the chase on a.good few scenes. mcqueen was to do most of his own stunts in most of his films. but yes others also did them.sorry im a mcqueen fan read half a dozen...
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    Few moody pics of the RS

    loving the pics mate. car looks great fella! !!! looks a real nice rs
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    The ultimate car chase scene

    think i go with t9 man bullit and ronin. ronin actualy used the real noise from a pug and m5 bmw in the sound track. but deniro does look.a bit stiff in the driving scenes. !!!!! not a fan of gone in 60 secs too ott.
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    Best performance family car

    yes fast for a vauxhall. still fast today. and you are right fella. it was 177.
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    Subaru BRZ - 147mph

    i really like the look of these. but a wee bit out of my price range.
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    only in nottingham

    pmsl fella me and the wife just howled at that. really funny find mate
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    What music do you drive to

    always wanted to.go to a jazz club. good chilled music.
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    TURBO PRELUDE! But how?! I'm stuck...

    putting a turbo onto any car will have repercussions. that you have to weigh up? ?? more strain on the main bearings. crank. pistons. valves. stems. springs. etc etc et. . your ramming a lot more fuel air. into the engine. you have to weigh up cost. set up cost. parts. etc etc. on...
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    Get new model or tune owned one?

    yugguy agree 100 percent save the hassel get a 180 gti and have fun. and lots more vaavaa voom for your money
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    Best performance family car

    had a v70 bought it cheap guy was in debt. was never really a lover of them but and yes big but! !! not a bad car all round. great quality interior a bit dull. ok a lot. but went like stink. cracking engine. good cars. 5 adults and space for dogs. yep cant be bad.
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    Your last car clean

    dont wash my car havent washed one in about 3 years. why it only gets dirty again. and i cant see the outside when im driving. i use the cosovans. to do it.
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    How often do you fill up

    depends what map im on. on full map nailing it most places i get about 2 days lol. driving like miss daisy on low map 5.
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    Best Track day tyres

    well i shreeded a set of proxi.s yesterday on a sprint curcuit. the hotter they got the worse they got. ok for 1 lap. not my cup of tea. should of brought my track wheels with slicks but they said rain. ahh well
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    Best performance family car

    lol still 186 mph for a big comfy 5 seater. aint bad in todays standards. let alone when they were new.
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    My Supra on Dyno

    looks a bit of a beastie mate. top job all round! !!
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    How would you set up a sprint car?

    well my opinion is some of you boys on here really need to get a life. so technical. so what? ??? . half the so called profesional racers sprinters i know. drive like. all show no go! !!! and thats not directed at any one just my opinion.
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    E46 330i

    im sorry mate i really cant go with this life time oil thing. fresh oil is good oil. how can oil after 150000 miles be as good as clean. car manufactures take the p. i personally dont think an oil change will rectify this problem. but start at the basics eg oil
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    What music do you drive to

    papa roach. blink 182. linkin park. kenny ken. groove rider. pink floyd. the list is endless. if on a good hammer though no music just the engine
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    Best performance family car

    rapid lol.pmsl. was.the fastest 4 door sallon car for about 5 years i think .so yes a tad quick.
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    i went off touring cars a few years ago. but recently have been drawn back into it. and has been said already some cracking race action to be seen! !!
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    Best performance family car

    i would love a new m5 estate. love them. enough space for everything.and a great towing car.
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    Do tread patterns really matter

    agree with hdi fun. top answer fella! !!
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    The drive of your life

    this may sound a bit sad. but im a self employed truck driver and work mostly in spain and northern africa. but i must admit one of the most breathtaking roads to be found. is the road up past loch lomond on the west of scotland up towards fort william. went that way in my truck once. and tbh...
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    Snow foam clean

    i know a few lads who use it. and i must admit there cars are always mint. one is a profesional detailer though. so thats to be exspected. the others have all got ocd lol were there cars are concerned. never heard any one slate it. i just use the cosovans five quid and jobs a good un! !!
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    No Noise limit track days?

    ive actualy been on a track day at kemble.with launch motorsport. and enviromental health came down with tje microphones. and shut it down.not a happy bunny. it wasnt even lunch time. as has been said. why buy the house in the first place? ???
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    Best Track day tyres

    couldnt agree more with you mate 888.s are awesome in the dry but hoooo. clentchy bum time in the wet lol. and do cost a lot
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    Curborough Sprint 25/02/12

    dont know if many of the lads on here do curborough sprint but saw this post so thought i would just add..or how.much you paid. but if 10 of the members were wanting to go.dont go via a company. javelin etc etc. book direct from the club secretary. just google shenlow and district car club...
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    Subaru Impreza JDM

    sorry about that folks. im on my mobile as abroad with work at min. crappy old samsung thing. its not the best to be typing on.and ref turbo top mount mate. ideally if you are say wanting 400 bhp. you want to get a turbo that will hit say 440 or there abouts. as you dont want a turbo running...
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    Subaru Impreza JDM

    likimg the car mate looks good. you still running the vf29??? .if so your gonna struggle for 360 the turbo will be flat out at that. i.d say get a td05 20g as u can rebuild them for very little money and there good for 400 plus. are they genuine wr1 wheels. ?? that have been shot blasted? ...
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    Car vs Bike - DRIFTING

    one of my favs lol total loons
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    for any drifter out there

    hi im looking into buying a drift car , and am a bit undecided wich avenue to go down, ive been running scoobs for nearly 10 years ranging in power from 300 bhp up to 460 and have done dozens of track days etc etc have got a budget of around 5 to 8 grand and have a 200sx or skyline gt33 in mind...
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    Cars You Remember when a Kid

    my mum had a d reg m6 bmw that i got caught by the police driving at 15. my eldest brother had a tickford turbo capri. and other brother a mk 1 escort with a 2.0 pinto in it. loved that car. learnt in it. my first car a mk 1 fiesta xr2. at 17 then got a mk2 rs2000

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