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    Vectra C - Cheap tuning mods - under £100

    I have a 53 Vectra C 2.2 Auto. It already manages 158 bhp / 0-62 in 8.8 on a rolling road test. I got it a couple of months ago, I uprated the springs, but the shocks were new and already have been upgraded well beyond standard spec by the previous owner. It isn't lowered as it is already quite...
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    Vectra - which induction kit

    I have a Vectra 2.2 Auto (53/C model - pre facelift) and it goes like a rocket. 8.8 to 62 (rolling road test) 158bhp. Doesn't look like there are any mods to anything other than the shocks and there is a Pipercross air filter. I got it second hand like this. Not bad for a car that has nearly 89k...

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