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    1996 Accord Coupe (CD7) FOR SALE!

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    1996 Accord Coupe (CD7) FOR SALE!

    Make: HONDA Model: Accord Coupe ESi Engine size: 2.2i SOHC (Last Dyno'd at 156.6bhp or 129whp) Year: 1996 Description: Frost White, 15" Stock Wheels in average condition, Leather front seats (Electric Drivers Seat), Power Steering, ABS, SRS, Electric Windows, Sunroof etc Mileage/Condition...
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    Induction kit??

    Mugen do a tasty looking induction kit for the S2K. Costs the best part of a grand though, pfft. Stupid brand names. Replacing the filter with a K&N one will probably alter the engine note a little.
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    Cold Air Feed Location?

    Could you not just run it below the stock airbox like most CAI's would do or are you dead set on having a feed in the front?
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    Yeah, I'm guessing it's what they used to try and find the right bolts for me. The page they are looking at says Rear Stabilizer/Lower Arm. There must be a page for the rear suspension as those parts aren't listed on the page they were looking at. Im gonna ask to see the index, do what you...
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    Before I ordered them I wasn't entirely sure what was needed. I just asked the mechanic to show me what they need under the car and then I showed the guy at Honda the same thing. They attempted to make a comparison on the crap diagram they have and messed it up. I have only recently...
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    So my suspicions proved accurate this morning. The bolts Honda supplied me are indeed the wrong items. They gave me the lower arm bolts instead of the lower strut bush flange bolts. The difference between the two is 2mm in diameter and about 6 inches in length! So Honda have...
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    My Honda Accord Coupe

    The 'etc' was a very loose etc. Would require a heeeeeell of a lot of work but that was the figure he threw out there as a target to work towards if N/A was my chosen route. To be honest I'm still considering turbo due to practicality. and then there is nitrous for value for money. It's still...
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    My Honda Accord Coupe

    Finally my bushes arrive after 2 weeks of impatient waiting. Something so small has been keeping me from so much joy! Anyways got a space in the garage on Friday so piccies then assuming all goes well lol Edit: For those of you who don't know (coulda swore I updated my thread) I have been...
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    Civic coupe on hydraulics...

    Tis a good question Prince, I've always wondered what airbag and hydraulic suspension was like to corner with.
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    Underpowered cars

    I like to think I'm a little wiser nowadays when it comes to the law, but I was 17 back then and didn't know better. Good info though.
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    fse power boost valve

    When I went on the dyno, the car had a power dip at about 4.5krpms due to it leaning out and it taking a second to alter the mixture. The guy suggested a fuel pressure regulator to help sort this. I've decided to replace my old injectors (probably been on it for the entire 108k miles) and a...
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    Port, Polish and rematch

    I read an interesting thread on the Wizards of Nos forum which mentioned porting and polishing the head not being as beneficial as some folks think, with the 3 angle valve grind being an absolute must. I need to do more reading on this.
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    £70,000 Hyundai launched

    Ooh... Sharpened Boomerang Wielding Ninja Midgets with Fricken Laser Beams on their heads! Possibly an aftermarket option only I'm thinking.
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    £70,000 Hyundai launched

    Oh I have no doubt... I've already started work on my underground tunnel network and am currently searching for a baby midget to train up to throw deadly sharpened boomerangs!
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    Rules of NOS

    I heard Adrian Flux have been known to just increase your premium by £1 per 1hp when nitrous is involved. Anyways, I was gonna create a thread regarding nitrous oxide but found this so figured i'll threadjack a little. I was doing some reading and long story short, I read that the...
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    car graphics. knight rider style!

    Hmm... *makes a note not to watch that* I've already suffered one Knight Rider disappointment.* I don't want another. *Went Universal Studios when I was 11. The official Knight Rider car was parked for all to drool over. I ran up to the drivers window to revel at the gadgets and...
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    A warning for everyone.

    Thanks for the tip ;) Gives me a reason to fit that Licensed James Bond Universal Battering Ram I got off ebay *cackles*
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    Perserving life of your car

    What about on cold mornings when your windscreen is frozen up? I would start the car and let things warm up whilst I de-iced the windscreen. Now I'm considering driving away with a frozen screen if it means my baby :P will be warming up more efficiently!
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    Run Flat tyres

    Oh, they cost a buttload too!
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    Run Flat tyres

    Most of the cars that I drove when I sold cars were on run flats as standard. Gives them an excuse not to put a spare wheel in. As for road noise, well in things like cushy beamers you are practically vacuum sealed so hearing anything with the windows up is a feat. I didn't notice excessive...
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    Underpowered cars

    My first car was a 1.1 Fiat Punto 60. A 5dr in black. I wanted the limited edition Recaro Honda Accord in the showroom but as it was my first car and on finance, I couldn't convince my old man who was acting as guarantor for the credit agreement. :( Have to admit it was pretty nippy. 12"...
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    £70,000 Hyundai launched

    Ooh bulletproofing as a factory option!
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    So whats been happening car wise in your life

    Stupid Honda of America have sent my lower suspension bushes to Stupid Honda of Belgium who will then send them to HondaUK, so I'm looking at another week minimum before I can lower the back of my car. :sad2: Meanwhile my mechanic probably thinks I've done a runner as I haven't settled the...
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    Nurburgring Facts

    Re: Nurburgrung Facts The Nurburgring used to consist of two tracks joined together. The 'Nordschleife' (North Loop) and the 'Sudschleife' (South Loop). Now folks just race on the northern bit. (I think)
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    fiesta st project rocking and rolling(well sort of getting there)

    Extreme weight saving? lol *thinks how his car will look after doing away with an exhaust and just bending the header to poke through the bonnet*
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    Good bodyshops in Stoke-on-Trent/Newcastle-under-Lyme Area?

    That's cool. If that's what it costs so be it. I just didn't wanna get ripped off. It's only a backstreet shop but the Ferrari 360 a customer had left with them led me to believe they were good at what they do. Assuming it wasn't about to be chopped up lol
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    Good bodyshops in Stoke-on-Trent/Newcastle-under-Lyme Area?

    Ok so I got a quote to sort out the rear arch rust on both sides and get the small hole, where the aerial used to be, on the offside rear wing smoothed and it was £200. Quote for just the rust was £180. I've no experience with bodyshops but this seems like a lot of money. Any advice on...
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    just ordered a new bit of kit

    Race Diagnostics Not sure they do it for the W8, but maybe you could be the prototype donor car!
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    should i shouldnt i ??

    I meant on every window, smart ass! :P
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    West Midlands Mini Meet Rolling Road Day (56k no no))

    I remember buying an FSE power boost valve with the little round guage for my old Accord but never got around to fitting it. You were right about the demontweeks catalogue though. Way too many items with hardly any information, it's like a maze. I have a few prerequisites before buying...
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    Richbrook R1 Steering Wheel

    This one?
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    West Midlands Mini Meet Rolling Road Day (56k no no))

    I went to Honda this morning to pick up my bits and the bushes have not arrived yet :( I have the bolts, washers and nuts but no bushes. Apparently HondaUK have had to special order them, so I'm guessing from the states. Gonna have to wait until next Tuesday at the earliest. I was gutted...
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    m.o.t day

    I found that worked with Redex and a decat. Congrats mate :D
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    I love coilovers. Drop it low during the fairer months, raise it up in winter, damping adjustment so you can have a smooth daily drive to and from work and then stiffen it right up for those weekend country road blasts or trackdays. You can get a lot of kits at really affordable prices now...
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    just ordered a new bit of kit

    Wow how cool is that! I want one! Hmm, wonder what the Honda equivalent is?
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    should i shouldnt i ??

    My old Accord I had tints. Was put on by this guy who did all the dealership tinting and it was first class workmanship. Had 5% on the back window, 20% on the rear side windows and 40% on the front side windows. The side windows looked darker due to the back one being so dark but the fronts...
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    Shattered dreams

    My dream car is my current car but in its 'finished' state. I did have a dream once though that I was hustling people with my car/s. I had a slow as hell, VIP'd (Chrome Wheels, Big Stereo etc) Accord and I would cruise around until someone offered to race me at some point. We would agree a...
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    Is your car like a woman

    I apologise and pet the dashboard if I miss a gear or hit a large pothole lol, does that count?
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    Can you enjoy a spirited drive at the speed limit

    If it is a twisty road with a 50 or 60mph limit it would be really fun and no need to go any faster. Long straights are boring, I agree. I'm looking forward to testing my new suspension setup in the twisties, from Stoke to Barmouth, against my mates Lotus when he gets back into town. Way too...

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