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    The silly HP race

    The current trend (in Europe at least) are smaller engines, reinforced by either a supercharger or turbo or both. Check out Audi, VW or Seat, 1.4 litre engines (TFSI) with a nice turbo on top. NA days seem to be over soon or...? The industry seems to be embracing boost. Everything needs to be...
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    Air intake swap info needed

    I agree, buy cheap, buy twice. Currently im running with a Pipercross Venom, but before I came to that conclusion I've walked this path: OEM paper filter > K&N Replacement Filter > K&N open powerfilter > Raid HP Powerfilter > Pipercross Venom The Venom works very well for me and is a good...
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    Hello from a Renault Megane Coupe MK1 owner

    @Waynne Maybe a camshaft swap, but Im also thinking into swapping my car for a 2.0 litre 16v or something, although a 2.0l engine is also a fuel guzzler ;) @T9 man Thanks a lot!
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    Cat Cam experiences

    I currently have a: Supersprint Exhaust manifold > straight decat pipe (will be race cat) > stock middle pipe > Elia Tuning sports muffler. I've heard my ECU isn't moddable, a piggyback ECU is the only way to go as far as I know. ----- I havent had any work done on the head.
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    Megane 2 - 2.0 induction kit advice

    I would recommend a powerfilter which resides in a housing. I was looking at the carbon BMC airbox, but eventually bought a Pipercross Venom. Im very happy! Big improvement over a "open" powerfilter, also the Pipercross has a good cold air feed tube included. Check: Underbonnet view...
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    Hello from a Renault Megane Coupe MK1 owner

    Hi all, My name is Andy, im from the Netherlands and I'm a amateur photographer and a System admin (full time). Im currently driving a Renault Megane Coupe MK1 1.6e 8v. I always liked this car and last year I bought one and been fixing and optimizing/tuning it with great pleasure. Its quite an...
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    Dropping a mk 1 Megane

    I've fitted my Mk1 with a Koni STRT kit, which dropped the car 35mm in front. The back needs to be done manually (no springs). Its not a hard task, but can be time consuming if you dont have the correct tools. If you drop the car with only springs, then you will have to replace the stock...
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    Cat Cam experiences

    I wanted to ask if any Megane Coupe MK1 1.6e owners have any experience with swapping their stock camshafts with a catcam or so. I've done some modifications and looking a bit further before looking at a piggyback ECU. Im referring to items: 5501713 / 5501712 I felt quite some improvement -by...

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