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    Rover 45 Hatch rear windscreen washer blocked

    Hi all, Further to my last note I took Waynne's advice and pulled the body of the jet out of the roof it's only held by two spring lugs, about 4 inches down the pipe there is a non-return valve and with some judicious pulling I managed to draw enough pipe out to get it exposed and tied the pipe...
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    Rover 45 Hatch rear windscreen washer blocked

    Hi Waynne, Thanks for your quick reply, am I to assume from your comments that the jet body is only a push fit in the roof ? It seems very firm so I thought there would be some form of fixing behind the head lining and coach trimmer I am not! Yes, air pressure in both directions but only...
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    Rover 45 Hatch rear windscreen washer blocked

    Hi, can someone tell me if the pipes to the rear washer go up the passenger side windscreen pillar and under the head lining, or in the floor pan box section and behing the boot trim to the jet. Cos I don't fancy disturbing the head lining. I've done all the usual checks poked out the jet etc...
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    Rover 45 Diesel Air Con Compressor Probs.

    No rookie operators were involved, the system was checked out with the correct equipment which, whilst it does an automatic check of the refrigerant circuit for leaks lube oil etc. it cannot check the electrics. and because of the connection to the engine managment system that can only be...
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    Rover 45 Diesel Air Con Compressor Probs.

    Thanks Waynne, I was thinking along those lines myself but am a bit wary of buying from scrapyards However, to-day I took the old compressor of the car and put 12 volts to the clutch coil, there was a circuit but the clutch didn't work, no current draw only voltage. The negative return is via...
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    Rover 45 Diesel Air Con Compressor Probs.

    The magnetic clutch on the Air Con compressor doesn't drive when the switch is on, I was told it was pressure sensitive and the system needed re-charging, so had that done but still no drive. I have now had the system discharged so I can strip it down, but before I do I thought I would ask if...
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    how to tell if engine has air con?

    On some models the Air con compressor is integral with the power steering pump and on others it is a separate unit bolted on below it and driven via a magnetic clutch.
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    Most models of Rover with multi speed heater controls have a resistor bank located in the heater itself. The fault described by Kayleigh is very common in older cars and is a result of one of the resistors burning out due to oxidation which causes the resistor to become thinner with age...

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