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    FTO owners say hello

    Hi All, spend most of my time on an FTO owners site, but coming here for helps and tips on how to get more torque and horses :bigsmile:
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    Cheers for that wayne, I did look into the evo but would want to do like marco has and fit a evo floor pan and have it full 4wd. I really don't know what to do at the moment just know i want to do something as i used to change my car every 6 months but have had this one for nearly 2 years...
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    Speaking about parts there are people after parts on the fto owners group ;)
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    haha they will be the only thing on eBay worth having soon!
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    Right then,I am after fitting a turbo to my one of our fto's and would be happy to hear any hint or tips anyone has as i am a complete noob to this :confused:
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    gearbox problems

    possibly your input and out put sensors have gone. Another problem is if the heather matrix goes it leaks the water onto the tip ecu which is located under it ;)
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    Hi all

    some of the fto members might know me but i am looking at fitting a turbo to one of our show cars as they have the looks but lack the grunt ;) I have a nos kit ready to install but thinking a turbo would be a better idea and the nos kit will be up for sale to fund the project. So basically any...

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