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    Old Skool Jetta on Rota Zeros

    Check out Martyns MK2 Jetta sitting pretty on 15x8 Rota Zeros. Check out the Rotashop Blog for more info on the Jetta or more motors looking sweet on Rota Wheels
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    The Positives of Lightweight Wheels

    Afternoon all I know that a majority of you guys know your stuff about motors but for those who dont i have drafted up a blog to explain the positives of fitting Lightweight wheels You can find it on the Rota Wheels Blog Let me know what you think Bazz
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    VAG and JDM the new Chalk and Cheese?

    Evening Guys and Girls Following on from the last Rota Blog, another one of our customers has fitted Grid Drifts to a Golf but this time James has fitted them to his Mk3 Golf, All images and specs can be found on the Rota Blog Let me know your thoughts and leave some comments on the blog Bazz
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    Favourite Brands Of Rims

    Would say compomotive or OZ
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    Want Stunning wheels for your Mini?

    Evening all With modifying of the Mini being evermore popular i have selected a few of the wheels from Rota that look awesome on the Mini. Check out my Blog and let me know what you think Remember all Rota wheels can be purchased through the Torquecars webshop Bazz
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    Your thoughts

    Link is now fixed
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    Your thoughts

    Hello Guys and Gals We want to get feedback on a set of wheels and thought we would ask the most important people..... you guys. Tell us what you think of these wheels whether you like em or not Cheers Bazz
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    mk2 granada 2.8i ghia x A reg

    Probably gonna be on a banger track! mk2 grannies ftw
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    Brand of fuel?

    I fill up with shell as its the cheapest by me, as regards to fuel i dont think there is much difference. I use Dynotabs when filling up the car as they seem to work well
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    Cold steering wheels

    suede steering wheel ftw
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    Fiesta ST Tuning

    You could get the 2.3 duratec fitted for around that price.
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    POTN Xmas Promotion

    After speaking to Waynne we can offer some spanking xmas deals on some performance car parts. We are running a month load of special offers at and have teamed up with our key suppliers to bring you the potn xmas deals in the run up to Xmas! Todays Offers Include Free Nology...
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    Fiesta ST Tuning

    I only hear good things about Cosworth Cams so i think they are a must. The exhaust system on a ST is restrictive so i would make that you first point of call
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    Hey all my names Baz and i drive a performance blue Fiesta ST, So far i have full manifold back janspeed system, pipercross viper induction kit and is lowered on eibach Cheers

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