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  1. gendox

    New Ice cream vans

    just a few lmao :O
  2. gendox

    Crazy car impersonator

    that is wicked pretty sad too like those phones for you adverts... great deals for popular people ;)
  3. gendox

    What makes the perfect road

    flowing hills straigts camberd corners no BUSHES i.e clear view and a ban on lorrys and g dads :D
  4. gendox

    My Little Polo - Part 2

    My freind had a saxo and done this. It works a whole lot better, that much fill WILL crack with the temp change and flex of the body, even shutting the boot may do it. This is the way foward.
  5. gendox

    My Little Polo - Part 2

    ok i dont mean to piss on your bonfire. So far the car is lovely, but trust me mate, just focus on the looks and sound atm. The amount its going to cost to turbo charge that engine plus make it reliable is going to be stupid you also have to account for new exhaust, new brakes, new tyres, to...
  6. gendox


    lol "performance model" you been in one far from that they are just using that and making the bat and spare tyre 6lbs lighter for optimum performance ;)
  7. gendox

    Films with dubbed engine sounds

    ive seen that it was amasing the car with the geeza on the other side haha, it was amasing though. here it is in all its glory, just a tip the red car swaps a few times from a front driving seated car to a 180 like was said above see if you can spot it ;)
  8. gendox

    Fitting Stock Back Box

    lol... ok i did think it was generally that simple just wanted to make sure i will soak the bolts asap thanks guys i might also do a step by step to help anyone else out.
  9. gendox

    White stuff in my engine oil

    get to the garage and they will put a pump on your water filler box, if it turns a certain colour then £££ :D. I had a rover that had a "slight leak" then on day the exhaust of my car turned into a fog machine for the street, get it checked ;)
  10. gendox

    Fitting Stock Back Box

    First off, hello i havent been on in a while. I have done a search and had a look on here i cant find a guide to fitting a exhaust back box, is there one or any tips i can have to fit one successfully. I would imagin you unbolt or slide off the back box remove the pipe maybe small amount...
  11. gendox

    Dead Sheep Smells

    plus parts of the car lol ?
  12. gendox

    Painting old wheels

    they look amasing in the sun all multi colour specs and at weired angels go white due to the diamond black pearlesent paint
  13. gendox

    Dead Sheep Smells

    just do not put it on your chips ewww lol
  14. gendox

    Painting old wheels

    ok, so got my old silver rims because my car tread is getting seriously low, but i have always liked silver n black so i decided to paint them pearlescent black i bought grey primer aswell got a few pics i dulled the laquer on before and sanded 80 180 400 1000 then 1500 grit sandpaper took a...
  15. gendox

    New McLaren MP4-12C

    not too impressed love the merc mclaren one of my favs got excited then looked at pic lol..... its nice but nice guys finish last
  16. gendox

    cd player code

    yea just wondered if there was a easy way to do it like a general code becuase its the factory spec tape player just wanted radio till i get a new cd player :| oh well cheers anyway waynne
  17. gendox

    cd player code

    ok, as you some of you know i was robbed the other week i popped my old tape player in the 206 and guess what it wants a code oh and i just dont happen to have that code... any way of getting one preferably free.
  18. gendox

    modding wheels??

    prevtec has it there get a old bike tyre slam it on ground... nothing... cut half the spokes off repeat.... splat ! then imagin that at 70mph over a pot hole :D
  19. gendox

    Here's a quickie for your drag experts...

    haha, didnt expect anything less from you lol true though imo
  20. gendox


    what u looking to do to this car then ???
  21. gendox

    Focus 1.8 Owner just joined

    welcome just a quick tip weight up the pros and cons of swapping there is a good thread on here somwhere about it you may find you can get the power you looking at from another engine that doesnt need as much work on it 250bhp in fwd will be fun though haha, new tyres and breaks are a must.
  22. gendox


    i dunno about these beasts but there is alot to check on every car you buy some inportant ones are inside oil cap for gunk rust in door seems and boot check for over spray marks on doors ect may be that the car has been shunted watch for smoke or a stodgy tick over oh and always take for a test...
  23. gendox

    Cars parked stupid using mobile phones!!

    both wheels or one wheel of that motorbike haha that could be dangerous
  24. gendox

    no handles / handles

    ok so i think i have it down now what im gonna do is remove handels and strips all of them paint them all pearlescent black and my rims also gonna clean my calipers and paint them same colour or black dont want them to stand out just to look tidy what you guys think
  25. gendox

    modding wheels??

    and thats the end of that.....!
  26. gendox

    How many gears does a car need

    they techically need one but 6 is nice you can plan your driving for sport and economy then 1st through to 4th all can be power and 5th and 6th can be motorway economy lol
  27. gendox

    Basic guide to changing brake pads

    cheers for the heads up i know about the copper grease and stuff but didnt want to go into to much detail just a couple of steps gonna spray my rims soon so ill do one for that if you all want.
  28. gendox

    Street legal drag car

    it was a tidy install all wired hidden under carpet sub in boot stealth shelf made by me cd player did have face on stupidly but they left my ipod and snap on tool kitin the boot while they robbed my pads and shelf i guess its easier to take shelf of than 6x9s but they took all wires every thing...
  29. gendox

    my 307

    thats a nice looking ride mate dunno about the reverse mounted subs ive heard that they will give a nicer sound enclosed i might be wrong but im sure its to do with the air pressure created withing the enclosure
  30. gendox

    SAAB 900 Kit

    that makes a massive difference to the front looks but also a bad dif to the back i think
  31. gendox

    no handles / handles

    well im not getting rid of anything at the moment it was just an idea, but i do very much dislike plastic on cars.
  32. gendox

    The other idiots on the road

    this is a daily occurence for me to work and back im used to it know and dont assume other drivers are idiot im just aware that they maybe ha.
  33. gendox

    no handles / handles

    how can i get rid of them take them off fill and paint or just remove and colour code them??
  34. gendox

    Oil leaks

    i had a few leaks in my old rover haha they where basically just small, very small amounts of leaking oil's as in one was power stearing i just kept on top of them topping up every 6/7 months or so didnt bother me i also kept the engine bay very clean.
  35. gendox

    Custom Induction Kits

    like this look at the radiator its all metal and joined by silicone hoses.
  36. gendox

    Custom Induction Kits

    yea it is expensive try getting metal ones fabricated and hold them together with silicone bit cheaper.
  37. gendox

    My new toy...

    nice car bet it goes like u know what off of you know what lol
  38. gendox

    just go ma new exhaust

    nice and nice sig you sig stealer haha
  39. gendox

    no handles / handles

    Nope its in corby near the shire horse haha.
  40. gendox

    no handles / handles

    yea i dont think i will do it because i dont wanna do to much work on this car just a bit of styling i might paint them black i know they are black but a non plastic black maybe colour code them the strip and the rims as im going to get the rims black.

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