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    I'm a new official trader

    Thank you very much, we are a supplier of car accessories to the vehicle manufacturers themselves, now offering products to the general public. Having supplied the likes of Nissan, Mercedes and Vauxhall from the 1970's we intend to offer vehicle specific products without the high dealership...
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    Chipping vs chip tuning vs remapping

    Whichever way you go you can say goodbye to the manufacturer warranty
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    Fake components.

    There's nothing worse than cheap foreign imports or grey products
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    Supra Turbo pictures

    some nitrous oxide wouldn't go amiss for this beauty
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    Evo 9

    this is straight out of fast and furious 6
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    Insignia Sri.

    its a lovely car, a good set of mud flaps would not do any harm though
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    my MGF and mods done

    i agree, great job
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    BMW 330d

    the old c class cars are still the best in my opinion, their build quality far superior to the new ones
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    Keeping wheels clean

    autoglym i would assume would offer a suitable product
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    different size tyres.

    no idea off the top of my head
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    I'm a new official trader

    Re: different size tyres. Just dropping in to say hello, I'm pleased to be here and supporting this site. I look forward to spending some time here with you and if there is anything we can do for you please let us know. We'll be posting up an offer soon for TorqueCars members.

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