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    Hi guys, I saw the new sizes of custom licence plates are available at the website [Link removed], I was wondering if it’s legal?
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    plastic license plate

    Hi everyone, thank all of you for your help in previous post, I finally found place to order custom license plate (link removed as per T&C's ) but I still have one question to ask, are resized license plate replicas legal? I saw a few different sizes available except the standard one. So now I’m...
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    plastic license plate

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knows where can I order the plastic license plate to stick on my baby instead of metal ones. I saw it on a car near my house ones. Just don’t want to poke holes in the bumper.
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    Racing Steering Wheel.

    Hi, Im a new one here, I was wondering should I set up a racing steering wheel. I mean, I like the way it looks but I’m not that sure about the practical side. Does anybody have it? Is that suitable in terms of options and stuff. Which one would you recommend?

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