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    2005 CRV swap with K24a2

    Tuning for the K20 and it's ECU, and its wiring harness. Not sure what it's gonna cost for the electrical add on stuff, but a ktuner location said its gonna probably cost a bit, bcz they can't tune the k24a1 ecu.
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    2005 CRV swap with K24a2

    I appreciate your response. As of now I am as of now I'm using the stock engine and just doing extra and just doing external bolt ons (lightweight crank pulley, weapon intake with k&n filter, full exhaust, header on the way, lightweight flywheel and clutch on the way. Right now I believe in...
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    2005 CRV swap with K24a2

    I want to swap the K24a1 engine, and keep the AWD drive train. Swap to a K24a2. A Ktuner location mentioned I'll want to get an 08 TSX ecu to match the 04 - 06 tsx K24a2 engine going in, but they don't know if the wiring harness will match up with the 2005 CR-V or not. Has any one done any thing...

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