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    newbee to site- hello

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
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    Hi and welcome, to another Audi man ;)
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    Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum.. I found there to be a wealth of subjects to learn from here. I'm sure you will to.
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    turbo timer

    Get rid of if. After all, your only wasting fuel :rolleyes:
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    Your car mats

    I just put two new grey mats in the Audi S4. But Audi don't do the logo on the mat anymore :( As with you, I find the grey looks so much better and doesn't show the dust as much as the black and they go well, as i have Black and Grey interior :)
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    Hello every one!

    Hi , welcome to the forum from another Audi owner.
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    picks of my engine bay

    Nice work with that bonnet. I done something like that to my old 21 Turbo. These days i like the sleeper mode. I've got an 850 t5 running 280bhp. Also a S70R running 310bhp and a Audi S4 running 380bhp.
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    New member

    Hi, welcome to the forum
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    Focus RS

    Nice car . Looks a lot better in the sunlight.
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    New A4 Quattro owner says hi

    Hi there. I've just got myself a nice S4 as well. MRC Tuned :D 380bhp / 572nm torque.
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    Heya people :)

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Do you wave?

    I would, but the only S70R around my way, is mine :rolleyes: Theres loads of V70R 's and 850R's in the south, so i give them the heads up when i see them :)
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Hi to all

    Some pics of me T5.
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    Twin Turbo installation:

    I used to own a Twin Turbo Renault 21. That was fun :shock: Today it's a pickup with a T4 turbo and Nos. Sitting sad on my drive :( I must finish it some day :rolleyes:
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    Any engine in any car

    How's this for a windup. They drove it to a ford meet at box hill and stole the show :lol: and thats no lie.
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    Any engine in any car

    Found some pic's sorry. it was an 1.8 Turbo. I'm told by Christian that they detuned it to 200bhp for the press to drive. As those fools couldn't handle it. It did get a spell on the TopGear track, as rudgwick is only 5min's away, but i don't think it made it on the show .
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    Any engine in any car

    The car was in Rudgwick near Horsham west sussex. My friend is Christian Skelton. Founder of Retro Car Club. I'll see if theres any photos he may have posted to some of the guys in the club. Christian liked the old and his dad liked the new.
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    Any engine in any car

    I'll have to think on this one. But here's one a friends dad made. 400+bhp, 2.0L Turbocharger, rear engine, 4 wheel drive, toyota Aygo. Total cost to setup the car £125k and then another £25k on coach work. A total oneoff and he built it just because he liked the Metro 6R4 and wanted to see if...
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    Where to start when a car wont start

    Also check that you have a good earth. Both Battery to body and engine to body. If the battery has a good charge, but the engines not turning over.
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    want to say hello

    Hi Gaz, i'm 51 and still love playing around with cars. Welcome to Torquecars.
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    My "I'm Awesome" Introductory Thread

    Welcome to Torquecars. Can't wait to see one of your threads, if thats just an intro :amazed:
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    Keep it simple

    I do all my own work these days and many of my friends bring their cars to me,''if their not after one of my tools''. I used to tutor motor vehicle technology for Chichester college part time so theres always someone knocking on my door. After 35+ years of working on cars i guess theres no...
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    Hi to all

    Thanks Turbonutter. As i said before, theres not many of the S70R 's left now and it's in such good condition. With the LSD and Traction Control, its such a joy to drive.
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    Hi to all

    Hi Claymore. I like the T5-K . My old T5 is running around 280bhp and thats mad enough, but a great sleeper. Looks like you have plenty of fun in yours .
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    Hi to all

    Here's a couple of quick pic's of my S70R
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    Do you like start stop technology

    Just wait till your in a traffic jam late at night. ''Lights on'', will run the battery down in no time. The engine is then told to stay on if the battery gets to low, but this does nothing for the life of the battery. In cold weather, i'm told, sometimes they don't restart.
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    Your favourite car body style

    It has to be a well setup sports saloon in my case. I like a good sleeper .
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    A big hello to all

    Welcome to TorqueCars from another new member
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    Hi all,

    Hi and welcome. I just joined this week myself and found their quite a friendly bunch. Some great posts to look at to. Enjoy.
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    Hi, welcome, from another new member .
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    E46 328 (1999) - Does any know who sells headers/ exhaust manifolds with a 2.25" outl

    Re: E46 328 (1999) - Does any know who sells headers/ exhaust manifolds with a 2.25" Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems, will make any BMW part you need and prices are cheaper than main dealer costs. It's worth a try .
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    Hi to all

    Thanks again for the welcomes. As soon as i've made enough posts, i'll post up some pic's.
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    Hi to all

    I've also got an 850 t5 with a Rica 304 tune, running at 17.5 psi. I only picked up the S70R last week, but it's had a Rica 310 chip and rolling road setup. Full performance exhaust. Performance shocks, springs, bushes and strut brace. MSD ignition, performance leads and plugs and a Simota...
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    Hi to all

    Thanks for the welcome guys .
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    Hi to all

    Another new member, looking forward to chatting to like minded people. As you may have guessed by my sign-in, i drive a volvo S70R . Hopefully the picture will come up. It's had a few tweeks but not over the top. It's around 40bhp over standard and running 320ft/lbs torque.

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