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    My R33 GTR

    very nice buddy, i was considering the 33GTR before I got my FQ Evo IX.... Prefer the 33s tbh. looks tidy, what will be the BHP after a stage 1?
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    Evo 9

    thanks ;) Took me over 3 months to find it mate, had to be blue, low miles, for the right price... oh and box stranded so i can do all the mods and do it properly beleive it or not it took longer to find blue IX up for sale. and davalav, Yeah for sure ill always have a soft spot for my scoobs...
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    Evo 9

    Ta mate. As it stands its the FQ340 With stage 1 mods = HKS Mushroom induction kit, Welbro uprated fuel pump, De-cat, with a 3 port boost solenoid and a re-map.... seeing it as 412bhp with 398lbs of torque. Lowered 30mm all round on bilsteins, with Tein springs. many more things in the...
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    Evo 9

    Well thought ild share the pics of my Evo, Running 412bhp/398lbs. New XXR matt black 552 rims coming soon with Carbon side skirt extentions, front splitter, rear vortex... untill then here ya go :amuse:
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    Hi, please help me

    Hiya fella. in my personal opinion I wouldnt do much.... if its not colour coded ... then i would do that to start. get the bumbers sprayed up if the moneys tight get them wrapped. if thats done the only things i would do my self is drop it 30-40mm Get a nice set of alloys, a "not to big"...
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    Hiya mate welcome along would be nice to see some pics :)
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    Hello to one and all!!

    Alot of scooby owners adventively go to the "Darkside" they call it lol at some point and most say they wouldnt go back... not all, but alot!! Inc me Ild never go back to a scoob. I had no issues with the scoob atall. the problem is as your prob well aware HG only normaly go with these type of...
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    Hello to one and all!!

    Well Iv always Wanted an Evo from the word go.. but they suffered alot in the earlier models with Cranks etc so went for the Scooby. Personal experience after 3 scoobs 1 being an STI they are great motors, with strong blocks "being a flat four" the sound was awesome. When they released the new...
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    To put it blunt buddy, Its not a great Base car to start with if you want performance. heres a link that may help but for price etc On top of that you will need the 2.0ltr Engine to start. I would Sell up and get a known performance car. *Removed URL as per our T&c's*
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    chop top mk2

    Yeah the Low compression Lump will hold you back alot in terms of power, but getting it up and running will be stunning, do love my retro motors!! :twisted: again.....very best of luck ;)
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    chop top mk2

    Very nice buddy!! What sort of power you gonna be looking for when finnished?. Thats a fantastic project and on a mk2 cortina :O Gonna keep my eyes on this post .. GL fella.
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    Evo Tuning Specialist in Kent

    Thought ild Fire this one in.... Rich @ RG Mapped my IX a few months back "Stage 1" and done a fantastic Job, Highly recommended from me aswell :)
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    Hello to one and all!!

    Hi all, hope alls well and your new year has started of great :bigsmile: My names Darren and live in Essex, Always been into my cars from a wee lad. First car being a R5 GT Turbo "3 of these" dam things!! to BMs To 3 Scoobys, Now settled in to Evo 9 FQ340 Running 412/398 thought il join and...

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