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  1. herb

    Do you throw rubbish out of your car

    I'll throw my cigarette end out of the window that's as far as my littering goes! My passenger foot well is testament to this numerous volvic flavoured water bottles to the point where a passenger can't sit comfortably!
  2. herb

    Are you going to drive your car till it dies

    My scenic I bought under market value, I've had it two and a half years. It's been reliable only cost me rear discs and pads £120. Never serviced it only topped up the oil, My heart keeps telling me to change but my head keeps winning the battle and I'll probably keep it until I really need to...
  3. herb

    Painters in West Yorkshire

    What wheels are they? They look similar to the TSW venoms I had on my nova!
  4. herb

    Non start this morning!

    I had a similar issue years ago on my first nova I thought it was a alternator issue. Tried 3 differnt alternators, The last one coming of the owners car knowing its working. Then knowing that wasn't the issue I dug my multimeter out and spent a good 3+ hours testing wires and traced a issue in...
  5. herb

    Have sat navs killed drivers navigation skills

    Before buying my first Tom Tom I knew the motorway network like the back of my hand! I could direct people to there destination no problem! Now relying on satnav for so many years I couldn't direct anyone anywhere! I use my satnav to get home from anywhere I work more to do with live traffic...
  6. herb

    April onwards is getting worse

    Sorry but the law is the law break it pay the penalty! Income isn't the issue here the current penalties obviously aren't discouragement enough to stop law breakers so upping the penalty may make law breaker's think twice? I'm personally not a Saint when it comes to speed limits and when I got...
  7. herb

    April onwards is getting worse

    Sorry don't agree why should you pay more if you earn more? That's like saying there should be separate laws for the rich and poor. As already stated above we all know the speed limits it's up to us if we stick to them. If any of us get caught speeding its on our own backs!
  8. herb

    New top gear

    I agree Os But I'm also starting to think Matt Leblanc has got it written into his contract he must win races/challenges. Come on a race to the pub surely Eddie would have won that one easily given the opportunity even in a more underpowered car
  9. herb

    New top gear

    What are members thoughts? Personally episode 1 was boring episode 2 was more interesting but it still isn't working for me! But I'll persist and give it a fair try but initially it's not looking to good in my opinion.
  10. herb

    Nobody should drive in these.

    I'll admit they are not the most comfortable of driving attire. But they are still usable/competent footwear for when I drive!
  11. herb

    Nobody should drive in these.

    I drive in riggers/steel toe caps virtually every working day I see no issue in doing so!
  12. herb

    What was your last enjoyable drive

    Today left for work at 09:30 was there for 10:10 now if I set off at my usual time 06:30 I'll get there for 07:30/40 goes to show peak times don't start at 08:30 anymore they start two hours earlier:(
  13. herb

    Basic guide to installing an amp.

    Nothing wrong with Scotch locks. Before iso in every car they were a godsend! ;)
  14. herb

    Removing diesel and oil stains from a drive

    On my friends drive I used methyl ethyl ketone it removed the main surface oil buy some remained within the pores of the blocks. Word of caution if you do decide to use MEK use a respirator this stuff is hazardous!
  15. herb

    Wrong way M6 Toll driver Frantisek Formanek jailed

    Nope we drive on the correct side of the road:lol:
  16. herb

    Audi 1.8t help

    Isn't the 710n a recirculating valve? If not I'd change back to the original one as these engines don't work correctly with an atmospheric dv;)
  17. herb

    Betty beetle

    Hello and welcome to tc's! What sort of help are you after?
  18. herb

    How likely are you to buy an automatic

    I personally prefer manual I found that in my auto I became lazy and to laid back. My attention to the road became less because all I did was stick it in drive and on occasions neutral. I didn't like this! I prefer using my gears to how I want to drive not how the gearbox dictates.
  19. herb


    True but I was referring to general public. How often do the general public talk to suspension experts?
  20. herb


    Or has shocks and springs become a widely used term that it can be excepted? Same as Gay is used to describe a homersexual Soccer is used quite regularly used instead of football Movie is acceptable to say film Attic instead of loft Language changes whether we like it or not!
  21. herb

    Lower speeds in the wet

    Generally on the motorways the majority do slow down and leave a bigger gap between vehicles. It's just the minority that don't see wet roads as being more dangerous.
  22. herb

    Donuts around a shrine in London

    I'd give Matt leblanc a little leniency tbh I'm sure he wouldn't have done this if he'd have known what the cenotaph represented. He is a foreigner after all and doesn't know the area or landmarks
  23. herb

    Question about Clarkson

    Tbh Os I don't recall seeing his lap I just remember his time on the board. And how it disappeared when so many celebrities beat his time
  24. herb

    Question about Clarkson

    Maybe but for someone who has made a living from driving for I don't know how many years? And probably had all sorts of training over those years his performance in the reasonably priced car was terrible!
  25. herb

    Question about Clarkson

    The main reason I think he's average is when they first started a star in a reasonably priced car Clarkson had a lap time of 1:50 iirc when stars with only half/one days training started beating his time it's funny how he no longer had a time on there! o_O
  26. herb

    Cars in our street

    My neighbour recently bought a nismo juke it's OK something you don't see everyday, my neighbour the other side has a defender wich I like and fair play to him he takes it of road when he goes rabbiting, The neighbour 2 doors down have a impretza for his Mrs he has a jag xf, 2 discoverys and a...
  27. herb

    Question about Clarkson

    Just wandering does anybody on here think Clarkson is a good driver? I ask this cause I had a discussion with someone today and he reckons Clarkson is a really good driver. Where as I think he's an average driver who for some reason has convinced the viewing public he's a good driver. What are...
  28. herb

    How to find a bad ignition coil

    Get yourself a odb Bluetooth and purchase the tourqe app it shows which cylinder isn't firing correctlyo_O
  29. herb

    The perfect looking car

    The db5 is automotive perfection looks wise for me a modernised one is perfection imo. But I do have a major soft spot for the defender I personally think the car is class
  30. herb

    MoT advisory

    Steering rack inner joints I presume that this is another name for track rods? If so the ones I have come across are only bolted in to the steering rack and can sometimes come slightly undone when the track rod ends are adjusted during tracking. These can be tightened up quite easily! Iirc the...
  31. herb

    New to this forum and curious about a hybrid turbo

    No idea Paul I didn't do to well at school if what I typed doesn't make sense? Please feel free to edit it mate!:)
  32. herb

    New to this forum and curious about a hybrid turbo

    Vag don't make the turbo's so it should be OK. Plus the hybrid the original poster is on about will probably only have the internals of the 150bhp turbo fitted into his;)
  33. herb

    New to this forum and curious about a hybrid turbo

    Are you still on the standard IC? Have you looked into if the injectors, maf, fuel pump could handle the extra power? Also they did a 150bhp turbo wich would map to around the 180bhp you'd get from a hybrid. This could potentially be a cheaper option even with a Manifold, tip and Dp;)
  34. herb

    Signs of a bad PCV valve

    What car is this? On my last few cars I've had overfueling, limp mode from a leak within the pcv pipework. Nothing ever has been attributed to a specific valve. Although once a check valve had gone on my Leon but it isn't specifically known as a pcv valve
  35. herb

    When will I finally realise ??

    Rad arrogance and inexperience will never replace experience and competence! I see it all the time albeit on the road not the track. But there will always be similarities! Plus as good as it would be to win all the time. Fun and participation are key here;)
  36. herb

    Are bigger rims a good idea

    He's the chap who made the original post:lol:
  37. herb

    Thinking of a brand new car?

    This is a middle class/wealthy and company persons tax can't believe the working class are being drawn into defending people and companies who can afford this little bit extra on top of there salaries/allowance! The media has this way of manipulating people:(
  38. herb

    My car needs a new Head Gasket, what should be in the HG set ?

    Do you have a invoice/receipt for the work carried out previously?
  39. herb

    Windscreen Chip Damage

    Surely if the repairer made it so it couldn't be repaired the cost would be on them? Results though Os and just goes to show experience always pays off!
  40. herb

    clio 1.2

    I know the 1.4 renault 5 gt turbo fits in to the mk1. So should quite easily fit into the mk2. It'll be alot of work but it will be cheaper/easier than adding a turbo to a 1.4 NA engine;)

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