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  1. Rudders666

    Classic vs modern cars

    It's still a hell of a long way off from what we pay here. I filled a 6.2l Camaro SS just last week and it cost me $40!
  2. Rudders666

    Rust Worx

    Now you just need those rims re-coating and you'll be golden, pardon the pun :P
  3. Rudders666

    Rust Worx

    Hope it turns out well mate. I'm sure it will |B
  4. Rudders666

    Defend car modifiers

    Pretty much what I meant, you've worded it better I'll give you that. Lol.
  5. Rudders666

    Defend car modifiers

    It's certain people that own modified vehicles, the "bad element" that gets the rest of us a bad name. At the end of the day it's the people, not the cars.
  6. Rudders666

    Classic vs modern cars

    Sounds about right. Fine to run in the States but would be crippling here
  7. Rudders666

    Classic vs modern cars

    I didn't mean literal car tax, I meant the tax on our fuel more than anything
  8. Rudders666

    Classic vs modern cars

    I'd happily have a '69 charger as a classic if I could afford to run one but this country's tax makes that almost impossible. Must move to the States. Lol. I have to say I much prefer running a newer car as they are far easier to maintain and harder to steal etc, but some of the old yankee...
  9. Rudders666

    Best colour for a car

    The brighter the better personally. I liked to stand out from the crowd, hence the green enhancements to my white one. Lol. I've had a few black cars and let me tell you, white is FAR easier to live with. Yes it still gets dirty but not in the way a black one does. Less dust visible and any...
  10. Rudders666

    What is your next car going to be

    Torn: RS, Mustang, Evo......unsure but it'll be a couple of years down the road I would think
  11. Rudders666

    Your best car modification so far

    Good question. I'd have to agree with LM that remaps really do completely change a car. Other than that probably my exhaust (also a large difference) and then really just aesthetics. I do, for instance, adore my green wheels. :D
  12. Rudders666

    Do you give way much

    I'm courteous mostly with the odd unhinged rant thrown in at people that try to cut down lanes and shove in, in front of me. Nope. Not today son. I had to queue here, get in line. (I'll just point out here that merging lanes are different, I more mean people that go down a straight ahead lane...
  13. Rudders666

    Do you drive at the limit regularly

    Limits? o_O
  14. Rudders666

    What do you think about electric cars now

    I'd still rather not personally. A car with no noise would seem like something's missing from an enjoyable drive to me.
  15. Rudders666

    What fuel economy do you get

    Around 30mpg average. Mostly town/slow motorway driving (commute). Long, calm runs produce over 40/45mpg.
  16. Rudders666

    Octane rating

    I'd recommend either Shell Vpower or Tesco Momentum. Pretty much all I use in the ST.
  17. Rudders666

    Experts only ||HELP||

    Yeah I know what a hub dyno is dude as I had mine run on one a few months back. I'm just saying they eliminate tyre slip etc and they normally quote WHP from them as they're more accurate. Most rolling roads in my experience quote the BHP in comparison. I was just checking he was giving us the...
  18. Rudders666

    Experts only ||HELP||

    So it's BHP as opposed to WHP then?
  19. Rudders666

    Experts only ||HELP||

    So hub and not rolling road?
  20. Rudders666

    Experts only ||HELP||

    Is it being tested on a hub dyno then?
  21. Rudders666

    Are tyre brands more important than tread pattern

  22. Rudders666

    The "RAT" look!!!

    I must be too late for the link as it only takes me to a fresh search. Not a fan of the rat look either tbh, just looks like people that can't afford/be bothered to do things properly.
  23. Rudders666

    How do you stay cool in summer whilst driving

    Got to be AC if stuck in traffic or moving at slow speeds. As long as you're getting the pedal down windows open will normally do the trick
  24. Rudders666

    Wrap It or Paint It?

    It would entirely depend what I wanted I guess. I know I wouldn't do that to an R8 though. I'd probably go paint for the gloss shimmer you can obtain by a proper cleaning. Wraps are good but can be offensively expensive for what they are, so I'm voting paint. Longevity and shine.
  25. Rudders666

    Most important driving skill to you?

    Same as you really Waynne, anticipation/observation I would say. Always be aware of everything happening around you and what others are doing/may do. Number one rule. Hence the signature. Lol
  26. Rudders666

    Top Gear vs grand tour

    I like both tbf. I like the familiarity and banter of the old guys and know they're pretty much just messing about. I wasn't sold at first on the new Top Gear but it's certainly watchable now Evans has gone. There's parts of both shows I'm not keen on but having two mainstream car programmes is...
  27. Rudders666

    Jaguar introduces cashless fuel payment app

    There's already a shell app for this that anyone can use via their phone. You just scan the barcode on the pump and use paypal for your purchase.
  28. Rudders666

    Have you ever bought a lemon car?

    Yep, back in the day I sold my absolutely immaculate 318i to a friend (which he eventually wrote off), then bought a 206GTi. Looked and drive great and then the exhaust fell off, I found out that it had pretty much been plastered together so has to replace that. The list went on but I had to...
  29. Rudders666

    Variable fuel prices at peak times

    Yeah, it always annoys me that they don't put high octane fuels on the board. You can generally gauge though by the normal prices. Add about 10-12p for VPower, add about 30p for BPUltimate, add about 5p for any supermarket. Wish I lived near a Tesco fuel station! Did just get my £10.50 voucher...
  30. Rudders666

    Road Aggression - the car or the driver?

    I would agree with TCJ but would also admit that being stuck behind slow cars when you have a whole heap of power to put down does become infuriating and so I'm much more likely to overtake people. I will say mainly people doing 40 or 50 in a national speed limit zone though. So many people...
  31. Rudders666

    Would you buy a personalised number plate

    I've often thought about it but it always seemed like too much hassle and £250 for a couple of pieces of plastic seemed a bit much. Maybe one day, I think it's supposed to be a bit easier to do these days anyway with everything going online.
  32. Rudders666

    The biggest car you've driven

    Used to have a Chrysler 300C. Monster of a machine. 3.0 V6 diesel. Lovely car and every gadget you could think of but just too big for these roads and parking spaces in this country. So much car for the money though
  33. Rudders666

    Dash cams, are you getting/do you have one?

    Excellent. Good to know mate thanks.
  34. Rudders666

    Dash cams, are you getting/do you have one?

    That's a good idea and they probably will be eventually. So the 1, 3 and 5 minutes refer to what exactly? It's recording as soon as I get in the car and it's got a 32gb card in it. Would I be able to plug it into my laptop now and view loads of 5 minute clips back? It's set at 5 minutes.
  35. Rudders666

    Dash cams, are you getting/do you have one?

    I've got a Nextbase 512G at the front currently. Thing is I'm not sure it just solidly records. I think it loops every 5 minutes or something. Then you press the caution button to save that. The wife said she got me it because it didn't do that though but the instruction manual was crap. I'll...
  36. Rudders666

    Underpowered cars - safer?

    One would surmise that it's because they assume you'll hit things slower and lighter, therefore causing less damage to have to shell out for. These cars also tend to be cheaper so again, cheaper for the insurance companies in the event of an accident.
  37. Rudders666

    Recommend a favourite tune/track for a drive

    Bit of a hardcore driving song but...
  38. Rudders666

    206 2.0 tuning tips wanted

    So it's not a GTi then?
  39. Rudders666

    Corner cutting madness

    I will cut the occasional corner, but only when I've fully seen that there's nobody there that will be impeded by my progress. Sadly most people just don't care and/or aren't aware. Story of the roads sadly. I could go on for paragraphs of things that wind me up on the road but I'll stick to the...
  40. Rudders666

    Do you need power to have fun

    The MX5 would be the quintessential car for proving you can have a lot of fun in a low powered car. Do miss mine occasionally, especially when the sun comes out.

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