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  1. pgarner

    Astra and Insignia turbos

    Does anyone on here have either a 1.6 turbo astra or the 2.0t insignia - petrol options. I was tempted by the insignia until i seen the fuel consumption and a few reports of it being worse than the older 2.8 turbo vectra vxr when drinking. the astra is looking like a contender for a next...
  2. pgarner

    Audi TT with mods... Your opinion?

    cant remember what the original advert had in it but over 400 is quite common on the 1.8. Remember JBS having one, well an octavia VRS same engine, with 602 at the wheels a few years ago as a engine kit option granted at over 10k it was a bit of money as then you had the rest of the car to...
  3. pgarner

    bora owners

    hwy and welcome to the site mate. Sorry to say if your looking for power save your money and go for aesthetics. If you want to go down the power route the 2.0 definetly isnt the best idea to use and even through an engine swap doesnt take much the suspension and wheel hubs are different to the...
  4. pgarner

    Excuses to get off a speeding ticket?

    Mate was a driver in the RAF. one of his stories was that he used to be the chauffeur for the station commander. During one nights gathering at another station it went on a few hours longer than he had expected. At last it finishes and he wants to get back home. Station commander bundled into...
  5. pgarner

    Golf to beat an R32 what do I need to do?

    Buying the golf R32 would probably be easier and cheaper than tying to make it happen with the 1.4. the 1.4 1.6 and2.0 versions had different suspension. so you would have to fit and engine - unless you were going for the 3.2 your other viable options would be to use the 2.8 from the 4motion...
  6. pgarner

    Mk5 TDI170 upgrades

    just remember and do not fit the DPF delete pipe until it is mapped out. itll notice the loss of pressure and billow smoke like a mad thing as it will stick on regeneration
  7. pgarner

    Audi a3 1.6 02 plate

    AMK or BAM engine, if yours isnt a quattro then look at getting the 6 speed gearbox from a leon, golf or bora. along with the engine youll also need the ECU and instrument clocks - both these and the keys work together for the immobiliser . youll need to get the keys programmed to the new ECU...
  8. pgarner

    Shell V-Power

    Not exactly. the wifes car is a wee 1.6 and it states to run it on 97 minimum. and its not exactly a powerhouse at a whopping 107bhp. But again you can feel the difference when it does get a couple of tanks worth through it. Needless to say she runs it on the cheaper stuff I did allways...
  9. pgarner

    Do you use a hands free kit?

    Yup ive the fiscon system attached to the columbus unit. can use the phone to initiate the call, the indicator stalks or the head unit. like T9s it also supports A2DP for streaming music
  10. pgarner

    wheel size

    15s wont allow a "big" brake upgrade however im sure you will find some small disk multipots frm the likes of wilwoods that would fit underneath
  11. pgarner

    LEAF BLOWER! I think not. Prove me wrong.

    ok the 2.0in the jetta (bora over here) is a joke. it was also fitted to the golf and badged as the GTI until they got the 1.8t. its as youve said 110bhp yet the 1.6 16v version is 105bhp so whats the extra 400cc's doing. to be honest and i know youve said you dont want to but fitting a 1.8t...
  12. pgarner

    Anyone done a road trip abroad?

    Been to that England place a few time. Its terrible roads worse than Scotland half the drivers seem to be alseep in middle lanes and you have folk wanting to do 35 in a 60 all the time ;)
  13. pgarner

    Do magnetic sump plugs work

    to be fair if your engine is wearing that much then theres probably a bigger issue. or your not changing your oil often enough
  14. pgarner

    9-3 Fault Code

    generally CELs will clear after 10 or so engine starts with no errors. its more likely to missfire under load than under light load. were they able to tell you what cylinder that the missfire was on or can the saab ecu not tell you that? if it does move the suspect coil to another cylinder and...
  15. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    i thought the stepper motors were only on the electronic throttle bodies. you did think the MAF as well glad its all sorted and you will have an EGR setup unless youve removed it. the charcoal cannister is a waste of time as well. it collects the vapours from the fuel tank and adds them when...
  16. pgarner

    Skoda Octavia

    also look to shark who are retubilby the best at the VAG 2.0 oil burning lump. As the ECU us locked its a whip out and map on the bench job so you really need a full day. also watch out for the DPF so make sure you who ever maps your car also offers the DPF delete option otherwise your going to...
  17. pgarner

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    why are you using brass inserts rather than aluminium? surly the brass will weigh more and as its not really going to be under pressure or heat cant see the reason
  18. pgarner

    A3 1.8T AGU Rebuild

    would have said the main dealers. you would have had to have used a good one as bolts usually fall under the accessories catalogue on ETKA rather than the main part so alot of poor dealers cant find them
  19. pgarner


    my ecu us EDC17 and it was mappable. just a case of having to remove the ECU from the car to map it on the bench
  20. pgarner

    brake pad an spark plug help galant 2.5 v6 sport

    second for the feredo 2500s. they are classed as a racing pad however are fantastic on the road as well. Easy to bed in but you might be around £130 for the front alone. A cheaper option is Mintex 1155s pads. these cost me around half of what the 2500s cost with similer performance but they...
  21. pgarner

    Mk1 Focus RS Progress

    Nice. Love the exhaust manifold on it as well
  22. pgarner

    I'm a no nothing! Help

    with OG on this. induction kit may give you a few horses if your lucky, a full exhaust maybe a few more. but good stuff will cost you more than a remap which will give you a decent gain. if you can fit a smaller belt and pully to the charger then more power can be had although this might be a...
  23. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    yeah the black oily stuff is from the breather pipe. its part of the EGR setup. so your putting dirty exhaust gas back into your inlet to lower emmissions. problem is as youve found out it makes the throttle body and the rest of the intake covered in gunk. if you were to remove most of the PCV...
  24. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    yes it could be trying to ajust the fueling. best bet would be to find a vw specialist that has access to vcds and can take the car out and log the sensors while its on the road. if they are good then they will be able to see if the maf is under or over reading as well as getting the...
  25. pgarner


    Sorry not on here as much and it was just luck that i picked up on this :) Yes the codes can be beaten quite often is just a case of finding a specialist and its not a 5 min job as bunging on a gereric remap. My remap although generic took around 3 hours to put on my ecu as it is a case of...
  26. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    idle valve is what keeps the engine idlinlng. on DBW (Drive By Wire) engines its interoperated into the throttle body. on cable engines it will be a sperate valve. could well be the MAF then if a used one has been fitted. had it been a DBW engine then after cleaning the MAF it could be re...
  27. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    for a start get vcds on it see if there are any codes stored on it. whats the throttle body looking like? the idle v/v is part of the throttle body if its drive by wire - cant remember if the 8v are or if they are cabled - if its dirty it wont be helping
  28. pgarner

    Jaguar S type 3.0 V6 - Adding a turbo??

    as said it will cost a bit. might work out cheaper to just fit the supercharged 4.2 engine as the link T9 has put up itll mean needing to look at lowering the compression and possibly strengthening the block. uprating the fuelling sorting out all the plumbing then the mapping
  29. pgarner

    larger turbo.

    Yes but other mods will probably be needed as well. such as the injetors and mapping to get the best from it. Might be worth doing some research and seeing if the turbo from the 2.0 might fit easily
  30. pgarner

    audi a3 1.6 8v loses power & accelerator pedal judders???

    hey and welcome. the cat being blocked with soot would be a worry on a petrol. maybe o2 sensor. has the issue only came about since you deleted the cat? coolant sensor could be the other issue. remember the wifes car was juddery as hell when it was playing up but it was easy to notice as the...
  31. pgarner

    Cars can be hacked and remotely controlled!

    Yeah i use the bluetooth obd2 interface for a quick scan if i dont have the laptop handy. it gives all the same details just slower than direct cable. dont think well have to worry about it for a while anyway
  32. pgarner

    Cruise control

    sits on the dead mans pedal if theres nothing in front or rests lightly on the throttle so i can get to the brake qickly
  33. pgarner

    paint job repairs

    only thing i can add to sleepers is that if you do decide to go and do it yourself. then vist a scrappy and see if you can get a couple of panels to practice on 1st. just polish it up to a mirror finish then attack it with a green scouring pads to scratch it and then try and get it back. the...
  34. pgarner

    Has anyone had a DPF removal on Saab TiD

    yeah just spray it through. however alot of the time this is just a quick fix and a new maf will be required. my views on the K&N is if they are lightly oiled then there shouldnt be a problem and may work out cheaper if your holding onto the car for a length of time. however there is no real...
  35. pgarner

    paint job repairs

    find a decent valeter. most bird poop will etch into the paintwork however if your lucky you can polish it back. Tcut wont touch it youll need a good polish and machine. a professional could charge what a a cheap respray would cost though and could also take a couple of days
  36. pgarner

    Has anyone had a DPF removal on Saab TiD

    to clean the maf using some electrical cleaner, IPA, as the solvent will take any grease or oil off it.
  37. pgarner


    quick google turns up that its a plug in unit. the links i found all lead to ebay where the sellers didnt ask for any car info. this tells me straight away to avoid as the maps are different on all cars. seeing as it plugs into the OBD2 port all i can think of is it changes the information from...
  38. pgarner

    407 Hdi project...

    old gits son used to be a mobile tuner for celtic tuning. dont know if he still does. try pinging him a PM as they are in essex as well. if your changing the springs you might want to look at the dampners as well as they could be getting on a bit as well now
  39. pgarner

    fueling a diesel

    mines has a throttle. its the pedal on the right ;) in seriousness though mines does have a butterfly/throttle plate although its not controlled by the go pedal its an anti shudder valve.

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