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    Can you/ is it worth upgrading diesel turbos?

    Hi there mate, I ran what you've said through google translate and I got the "jist" of what you've said. It really depends on what you're using it for really, If offroading is your thing then a VNT turbo of sorts would probably suit you well. As for the extra fuelling... again I'd need to see...
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    Best upgrades and refreshes for 306 1.4 2000

    The 306 is a sweet little car for sure I love them (I've had 3 of them) Things to keep an eye on repair and maintainance wise is the suspension joint and bushes. They seem to ware a little more than most cars so listen to any weird noises or knock. Also make sure your cooling system is in top...
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    picks of my engine bay

    true, but it means you're very limited to where you can take it, I mean you couldn't just go for a drive on a weekend at the drop of a hat, you'd have to plan your trips to track days or to drag strips, personally I don't like the idea of that, but hey ho, I guess in your case it does make more...
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    206 SW s project

    you'd be better off doing an engine swap, TU5J4 (1.6 16v Peugeot engines) are cheap and plentiful, overall it would be easier since you wouldn't need a remap or a different ecu to run the "franken" engine you've described
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    Avoiding turbo lag

    by far the easiest way to lower the boost threshold and eliminate lag is to use nitrous on a boost switch, did it on my 306, worked a treat
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    picks of my engine bay

    got ya, that's a pain in the bottom...
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    In need of a new daily driver

    So, sadly my little 205 turbo diesel needs to be replaced, as much as I love it so, it's becoming too much hassle to maintain as a daily driver and parts aren't as cheap as you think now as availability just isn't there anymore. It won't be going for scrap though, but for now it will be going in...
  8. J

    picks of my engine bay

    you mad old bugger, lol but why make it a trailer queen? I mean you might say its unusable on the road but you could still drive to events at normal speeds though.... well... sort of...
  9. J

    c2 vts clutch help

    usually those engines need a cam upgrade to get that sort of power, unless its running individual throttle bodies, as for the clutch issue, has the baring collapsed?
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    intercoolers, some more equal than others?

    Have a look at Eric the Car Guy on youtube, he called the condenser on his air con system and saw a massive drop in head pressure in the system, cleaning the intercooler should return similar results I would have thought
  11. J

    peugeot 207 project help

    I've never seen it done on one of those before, The 180 engine from the 206 is called an "EW10" which isn't specific to that, "EW" denotes the family of engines and the "10" means its 2.0litres, there will be a bunch of other letters after that, that will means its a 180 engine as the 140 engine...
  12. J

    intercoolers, some more equal than others?

    Nissen are a good brand as it is, if its an OEM style intercooler than I would spend the extra
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    picks of my engine bay

    just a bit of work eh?
  14. J

    Should you paint your intercooler?

    WRC cars were using it before it got banded.... they could run leaner air fuel ratios since the methanol increased the knock resistance of the air/fuel charge, also water injected into the inlet has been proven to be more effective than just water spraying an intercooler, the first saab turbos...
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    Should you paint your intercooler?

    WRC cars were using it before it got banded.... they could run leaner air fuel ratios since the methanol increased the knock resistance of the air/fuel charge, also water injected into the inlet has been proven to be more effective than just water spraying an intercooler, the first saab turbos...
  16. J

    Oh god, i've gone and done it!!!!...

    Looks good so far.... I await more updates :)
  17. J

    Is E85 fuel available in the UK

    So would lpg be a good alternative to e85 as a performance fuel? Has similar properties.... higher octane but lower btus
  18. J

    Does oil affect performance

    I thought GTL technology was used for making cleaner diesel fuel
  19. J

    picks of my engine bay

    just raise the limiter on your ecus and you'll be fine :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Which and how much Engine oil – importance of oil.

    Still using the BP ultimate Paul?
  21. J

    What oil after an agressive remap

    So is Fuchs GT1 better than Pro S and supersyn?
  22. J

    Question for oilman,

    Do you know much about Morris Lubricants? Are they a good manufacture of oils? or is it a case of "we don't deal with them so can't say"? also what are your thoughts on Miller oils? Cheers Brett
  23. J

    Does oil affect performance

    Castrol Magatec is supposed to be one of those type 3 oils that say fully synthetic when it's not really the case, AMSOIL is hard to come by in the UK and is very expensive so I've never used it, I used to use Castrol Edge but switched to Fuchs Titan Pro S,
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    Is long life oil really long life

    that said... I haven't changed the gearbox oil in my 205 since I've had it, and I doubt it's been changed in it's entire life (it's 21 years old now) so next month it's on the list...
  25. J

    Is long life oil really long life

    if it was still under warranty then regardless of them saying that, then they'd have to replace it.... if its a sealed for life transmission according to them and they say the reason for failure was due to the fact the fluid had never been changed then all you'd have to do is quote the fact that...
  26. J

    Question which exhaust setup best suits a V8

    for best sound... unequal length primaries and straight pipes.... :}>:}>:}>:}>:}>:D:D:D:D:D:D
  27. J

    Which are the best exhaust makers

    you're right there...^^ however John Ashley exhausts in Walsall knows what he's talking about when it comes to 1 off exhausts... been recommended by loads of people and after having a chat with him... well lets just say i'll be seeing him in the future
  28. J

    Have you removed your Cat/DPF/pre cat

    removed the cat on my blue 306 since it wasn't required by law, fortunately for me at the time, pug sold the early 306 dt's without a cat from the factory so I just bought the front section of the exhaust for 20 quid and had my local exhaust centre fit it for me, I wouldn't say my top end...
  29. J

    Driving economically, which gear and RPM

    Impossible for me to get under 0 boost on my car, I get 10psi on a cruise...diesel though mind, Last month I got an average of 35mpg out my green turd... mainly because I drove it like I stole it, Something I've noticed though since owning it is that even though the 205 is a much lighter car...
  30. J

    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    I was talking from a flow prospective fella, I am well aware of the difference between a supercharger and a turbo, I was merely giving an example that is relevant to this discussion, and in the grand scheme of things, fitting a turbo to an NA engine IS easy to make power, build an NA engine to...
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    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    couldn't tell ya what the thread size is :S
  32. J

    Is long life oil really long life

    I do a lot of short trips in my car so my oil get changed every 6 months or there abouts, sure I only do 3000 miles or so in that time but I change it regularly because of that, I might start using better oil though, at the moment I'm using Euro car parts triple qx 5w40, it's been fine for me...
  33. J

    Polishing the ports?

    as said, inlet need to be slightly rough to allow better atomisation of fuel in the air stream, and exhaust ports are better off being like glass
  34. J

    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    do you have these for the 1994 Peugeot 205 1.8 td and a 1998 Peugeot 306 gti6? I'd imagine they will both use the same one Cheers
  35. J

    Fiesta ST150 oil

    Was going to suggest what oil man has already said, thicker oil would be worth doing.. don't just top it up with the new grade oil, go for a full oil and oil filter change and let us know how you get on
  36. J

    Possible BHP for very very little money for MG/R KV6 owners... (your thoughts?)

    Get a ZT260, supercharge it, job done :) Ok less of the sarcasm.... I'd say just give it a go... and see if it actually makes a difference, theory sounds good but in practice is where the true test is
  37. J

    removing hydro carbons

    This.... More people need to start using Shell or Texco or any other non supermarket station to fill up I have a friend who drives the tankers that delivers fuel to different places (he drops at all the companies including supermarkets) he said now since the new legislation (was a few years ago...
  38. J

    do superchargers require an oil feed

    Rotrex superchargers have there own oil system and an oil cooler circuit specifically for it, oil is only available from them at 100 quid a time
  39. J

    Should you paint your intercooler?

    I painted mine black on the 306 mainly for aesthetic reasons since I didn't want a big shiny intercooler making itself known in the front grill, I'm a fan of sleeper cars, (I surprised a Honda Type R and an Audi A4 V6 on the way home from the strip after our meet) I've seen both videos...
  40. J

    Electric Superchargers from eBay etc

    depends on the superchargers, generally larger ones won't be able to do the RPMs of the smaller ones, but the larger ones can flow more air (you already knew that) saw this video ages ago and I kind of knew what the outcome would be..... That said these guys did something similar and made an...

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