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    speed6 advice

    Wayne, Thanks for the advice. ANother related question. I am not an expert in car modifications. If you were to modify a speed6 for yourself, are there aspects of the car beyond what you have mentioned that you would change? Dave
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    speed6 advice

    Thanks for the quick replies! No traction issues that I've noticed. I priced some modifications with a total parts cost around 10g retail. Parts included a cold air intake, new exhaust manifold, re=programmer for the computer, and carbon-fiber for the hood and trunk, among a few other things...
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    speed6 advice

    Hi all, I was hoping for some advice. I have a 2007 speed6 and am interested in what further performance tuning could be done to the car. In your opinion, would the performance difference be worth the investments? Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you. Dave

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