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  1. gummy

    A tiny (398kg) car that'll leave a 600 super bike behind...

    excellent project keep it up and keep us posted
  2. gummy

    intercooler pipe leaking

    Good on ya!,its good to see a woman who will get spanners out,my mrs once changed the rocker cover gaskets on our v6 granada we used to have!!, Not sure what the smoke is!,is it a blue collour ,or black/brown,it may be crap coming out,it may clear when the engine gets hot
  3. gummy

    Car suggestions

    Yeah sorry chaps i,m just a skyline nut!!,i hope what ever you go for is reliable and gives many miles of trouble free motoring!!
  4. gummy

    My first commission

    That looks a really interesting project to be part of!!:bigsmile:
  5. gummy

    Car suggestions

  6. gummy

    My first commission

    Good one o,g!,it will be good to get more work on the tank,it will be interesting to see what its like at the end!.
  7. gummy

    Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

    Gotta say some very nice cars on this thread !,thank you for sharing them with us!!!
  8. gummy

    Polybushes - good or not

    when i reshelled my capri years ago i polybushed everything seemed to be a good move,i dont know of long term effect as sold it soon after as i bought a skyline!,i remember being sort of gutted because of the cost and not being able to see where the money went unless you jacked the car up!!
  9. gummy

    Any good movie cars

    oooh yes gotta agree:bigsmile:
  10. gummy

    New cars should just be autos. Discuss.

    I gotta agree it is horrendous:bigsmile::bigsmile:
  11. gummy

    Any good movie cars

    Bought it on the day and watched it awesom mustang ,but i prefer the FaF movies:bigsmile::bigsmile:
  12. gummy

    How to make my accord v6 super loud and deep?

    i agree with the above my exhaust is loud,sets of car alarms etc!!,the drone gets on your nerves especially on long journeys,in one way its good as people don,t want to go in your car so you get your car all to yourself!!!.,as already said you could loose power,.I did however have a v6 capri...
  13. gummy

    New cars should just be autos. Discuss.

    Sorry i much prefer manual the mrs has got use of a peugeot 3008,auto it use rubbish the lag between gear change is reddiculouse when it changes gear you are shoved forward when it disengages its gear and then pushed back when it locates the gear and drives again not a pleasant drive at all, it...
  14. gummy

    Just had best car wash ever

    Each to their own opinion there are a few places that do this down our way they do a good job and are cheap and use clean water,and do inside as well:bigsmile:
  15. gummy

    My car is like new

    Yes indeed,sorry no twin:bigsmile:
  16. gummy

    My car is like new

    About 3 weeks ago i reversed into a wall about 30 cm high and scraped the bumper i havant had time to see about getting it done!!! anyway i came home from work today to see that the bumper had been sprayed,my mrs had booked it in and had it done and not told me, a surprise,what a legend she...
  17. gummy

    Summer time, soft top jealousy

    That mutley is great!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    it took a bit of creeping and even now after 20 years i dont knock her driving,but even she says about woman drivers:bigsmile:
  19. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    This is,nt quite relavent here!,but when i first met my mrs we where sat talking in her front room about woman drivers, i said they were worse than men!,with that she got up left the room and come back and chucked some paperwork at me it was certificates to say she was a trained driving...
  20. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    many years ago my first car was a Hillman Imp,i used to pull the choke out to overtake it made the car go faster:):)
  21. gummy

    Your most reliable car

    i can honestly say the 2 skylines,one of which i still have,i always had fords before admittadly older ones with them it was toolbox out every weekend,now most of my tools are covered in cobwebs,the skyline i ve still got is about 14 years old but looks a lot newer and still going strong,mind...
  22. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    i know of a few who i would have not let loose on the roads and it surprises me of the amount of people who write a car of in the first year,no wonder insurance is so high
  23. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    when they passed ! the examiner must have been half asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. gummy

    R34 GTT tuning tips

    sure did just the remap,boost controller and nistune cost £1400,luckly the car came with exhaust and induction fitted,so with the intercooler i put on and other bits and bobs probably come to around £2000:blink:
  25. gummy

    R34 GTT tuning tips

    yeah i was told about the upgrade but would get it fitted by a spaciallist who would do it all ,but i thank you for the tips;)
  26. gummy

    R34GTR for response

    hello and welcome to the forum, tbh i dont know much about tunning i have a 34,gtt which kicks out 320 bhp,although not a big amount,the car copes well i dont know how much power you could gain before problems occur,however good luck with you project and please keep us posted on progress
  27. gummy

    R34 GTT tuning tips

    hello welcome to the forum i have a gtt,i dont know of any cheap tunning tips!, but mine has a front mount intercooler,hks induction kit and dump valve,hks exhaust with decat pipe,a nistune board in the ecu and an upgraded fuel pump and a boast controller,with all this fitted a remap brought out...
  28. gummy

    Worst driver in your family

    i would deffinatly put my 2 step daughters in this ,they are terrible no road sence at all dont seem to watch the road no further than the bonnet i dont know how they passed the test,i went with one of them about a quarter mile to get a part for her car on the indus estate where we live,she...
  29. gummy

    Seriously One in five drivers can't open their own bonnet

    a lot of people dont know a spanner from a screwdriver so its just as well they cant open the bonnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. gummy

    Filling tyres with nitrogen - Is it worth it?

    still not sure which is best!!, but have got nitrgen in my tyres mainly cos my local ats puts mine in for free !!,i think it,s about £1,50 a tyre normally,not sure!
  31. gummy

    Nissan gtr upgraded to 715 bhp

    i would love to own a gtr,,still i am not dissapointed with my gtt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. gummy

    What do you know about back pressure

    A very interesting read O.G,i have learnt something by reading it !,thank you!
  33. gummy

    Realistic Car Drawings

    You certainly have got a talant there awesom drawings!!!!
  34. gummy

    Why does it rain just a day after the car is clean

    it is annoying,but even more annoying is when a seagul poops on it just after cleanning it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. gummy

    Shell V-Power

    i use v power all the time no probs but car is mapped for it,i havant tried any others
  36. gummy

    When I win Lotto/Pools in my garage

    i would have an r32,33,34 gtr,s and a new gtr,and an off road car to take my dogs in,i would still keep my gtt.
  37. gummy

    Do magnetic sump plugs work

    i think for what they cost it gives piece of mind,i,ve seen them for as little as £4.75 on ebay!!! mine was £12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. gummy

    I wish my garage looked like this.

    it looks to clinical but i would love to have it,and the cars !!!
  39. gummy

    When kids borrow your car

    deffinatly a big no no in my oppinion
  40. gummy

    Driving clothes - do you bother

    no nothing special,although i dont drive my car in my work boots they are to bulky,i think driving gloves are hideous,i do wear sunglasses when needed though.

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