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    Audi TT owners say hello here!

    I would be appreciated if you could write a tuning guide for my car Wayne, As said above It's a 11 plate TT tfsi quattro sport SA. I don't know what the SA stands for, any ideas ?, maybe sports auto or s tronic auto ?. Phoned Audi and they don't even know lol.
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    Audi TT owners say hello here!

    I've still got my FTO (you can see it in my pics). But for the last couple of years my daily drive has been a Mk 2 TT tfsi sport. I've not done a lot to it, just tinted windows, replaced glove box and boot lights for led's, fitted RNS-E, retro fitted cruise control, and changed air filter to a...
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    Fto evo help

    Try ringing Camskill mate they might be able to help you out.
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    FTO owners say hello

    Hi paul, my car is passion red, but i cant comment on it in matt as ive never seen 1 in matt, but once you put some pics up ill have a look. atb, steve.
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    FTO owners say hello

    Hi tomw, im not on hear alot but if you have any questions post on here or PM me and ill get back to you asap. atb, steve.
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    need someone to help me out with my FTO

    Im a trader of fto parts on the ftooc. And if you want power like that from an fto you need to talk to richard b on the ftooc, he owns the fasted fto in the country, i think his engine runs between 500 and 600 bhp and cost 1000s. Also a standard GR came out the factory at 170 bhp and unless...
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    picks of my engine bay

    I had an 850 T5 saloon for 8 years and loved every minute of it, looking at yours brings back some great memories. When i sold her i was gutted to see someone else drive off in her. But i had a midlife crisis and bought myself an fto lol,
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    Need help with Tuning an FTO

    First off as pgarner said, a decent induction kit and sports exhaust of some kind, there's loads of makes on the market. next is some kind of a piggyback ecu, greddy comes to mind. there's not a lot you can do to tune the fto unless you go down the supercharger or turbo route. Have a look on the...
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    Brand new momo next alloy rims

    Thanks for the reply bud, but they would have to be 114 for me.
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    first post

    Hallo Phil, you could always upgrade to GPX discs and calipers, they fit straight onto the GR, I upgraded my GR with GPX discs, calipers and Hell braided hoses. the brakes are a lot better now. I also lowered the car by 50m and fitted front and rear strut braces. The car handles a lot better as...
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    Brand new momo next alloy rims

    Are these def a 112 pcd and not a 114 pcd
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    FTO owners say hello

    ye zane, there's nothing wrong with the GR engine, i consider it the better engine of the two. the differance between the GR and the GPX in performance is minimal in my opinion. ive just had my gr on the rolling road at eurospec, and had a reading of 180.2 bhp at the fly. i know GPXs that dont...
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    hi everyone

    I thought it was about time i put a pic up of my car
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    Hi everyone introducing me and me car

    nice looking car mate, and very clean aswell.
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    FTO owners say hello

    Hi Zane, why did you change from a GPX engine to a GR mate. :confused:
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    cheers pidge, ill take a look mate.
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    i hope so pidge, im collecting them lol.
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    FTO afterburner lights

    clear side repeaters for an MX5 can be moded to fit the FTO, you can buy them cheep on fleebay.
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    gearbox problems

    try changing the gearbox ecu bud, take out your centre consol inc sterio and cubby hole and look deep down towards the engine bay, you will see a box right in the centre about 5"x4" with some blue plugs coming out of it, thats the one you need ;)
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    fitting a turbo to an FTO?

    fancy meeting you here :lol:
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    FTO owners say hello

    hahaha ive found the right forum, hi once again peeps.
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    hi everyone

    hi waynne, thanks for the info mate. the car isn't a mivec its a GR, i had thought about dropping in a VR4 or an EVO but the funds aint there at the mo. could try a supergharger though, ive been told one out of a mini will do the job. what do you think. atb, steve.
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    How important is it to have music in your car?

    i have music on sometimes but on a nice day i like to have the window open and listen to the exhaust and engine.
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    hi everyone

    thanks for the welcome peeps.
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    hi everyone

    hi everyone, my names steve as your've probably sussed due to my forum name. i own an FTO GR in passion red, i have added some mods to her namely VS back bumper, spoiler,sideskirts and a front boss splitter (not keen on the VS front bumper). she's been lowered 40mm and ive done various mods to...

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