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    Styling gone mad - comments?

    wow. i hope it has no fleas :D .
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    ...ok ... 1.Don`t hold the handbrake.just give it a "nudge" then let it go :) 2. accelerate to keep the speed up ... just an idea...kind of eazy. Hi to all Torque forum members.
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    Megane 2 Tuning

    :amazed: yes , you guis are right and i think i`m right to about the heat from the engine. i did a little test and opened my engine dor after some kilometers and the filter box was rly hot...A open air induction kit may not be the answer.I rly like the idea about fitting the cone filter in the...
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    Megane 2 Tuning

    right now i`m serching for a sport filter and from advices and many discutiones with my friends i wil go with this : but sucking warm air in from the engine is a great way to lose the instal sheet it shows that the...
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    Megane 2 Tuning

    Hello. My nameis Joe and i`m the owner of a megane 2 cc 2.0 Turbo and i just started modifying it. With this thred i hope we can swap ideas an mby help some ppl.So anything that has tuning and megane 2 in it ... bring it on and we talck about it. NO OFF TOPIC PLZ . 10x.

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