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    instrument cluster 318ci

    ment to get back to ye's before now, sorry. brake pedal switch solved the problem.
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    interior fan problems!!!

    Ive an 05 mondeo, tdci. the interior fan seems to stay on flat out even if the ignition is turned completely off. didnt notice it untill i walked past the car and heard the noise of the fan. i reached in and turned it off. turned off ok so i walked away. came back a few hours later to find it on...
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    instrument cluster 318ci

    cheers, been looking around and they say it could be something to do with the stop switch on the brake pedal. gona try that this week and see how that goes. as for the trip meter ive still no idea....
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    instrument cluster 318ci

    bought a 01 318ci se the other day and found a few faults when i got hr home. nothing major. the trip meter wont reset and theres two 'light' symbols apprearing in the same section that shows a door is open etc. what are these 'light' symbols mean? theyre at the back of the little car if that...
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    reading codes 850t5

    engine management light is up on the t5 since i got ther 2yrs ago. she's the one that diagnoses herself, plug in a pen type thing up the front driver side. iv lost my haynes manual so cant remember the codes/flashes to id the problems. long story short does anybody know how to read ALL the...
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    I have attached some pictures of the plates i was on about before, i have circled them in red on one of the attachments. Have a look and see what you think, i have marked the turbo return pipe for a reference point :bigsmile: i have a picture of the sump aswell showing the blue sealant used. See...
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    vac tree is what im on about;). through on a new lambda sensor today. don't see much difference on the mpg but that'll probably come with more miles. got some pics of the plates i was on about before but can't seem to upload them... yet. don't think the leak is the o-ring, its dry but the rest...
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    2nd hand altenator on, £30 worse off but going 100% - or so i thought!!! now iv an idle problem. iv it narrowed it down to vacuum lines on the throttle control valve. iv got 1 port open with no pipe to go into it. just had the altenater done so im thinking that mechanic must have pulled a pipe...
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    406 coupe 2.2 smoking

    probably still oil left in the exhaust system. impossible to get out unless you burn it out. probably ruin the exhaust doing that so maybe give it a miss. thats if its blu-ish smoke! if its black smoke it could be a number of things, clogged inter-cooler, dirty egr, dirty particle filter giving...
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    407 Hdi project...

    just go with a good re-map, there lies your hp. wasting your time with the exhaust and K and N. your talking about a diesel here that has a torque range of 2k revs not a screamer petrol. change the clutch and weld up the fly-wheel (im not telling you its a good thing to weld up a dual-mass...
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    just after frying my altenator!!! thought all the smoke coming from under the bonnet was from the return line but no, it was the altenator. brand knew battery drained dead aswell. this car not going so well for me. she'll not beat me all the same.
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    How have mechanics let you down

    also my 406 hdi stopped along the road side. towed her to the mechanic who told me my high pressure pump was gone. went and bought a re-con pump at £400 and through it into her. still no start. turns out it was the crank shaft sensor at £15. pump man wouldnt give me back my old pump!!! grrrrh.
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    How have mechanics let you down

    took my 850 t5 to a local garage man to get the timing belt changed and thermostat, changed the stat, never bothered with the belt and took here for a stage around his place and took 2nd gear outa her. he wanted £50 for changing the stat????? nooo way!!!
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    she is 94. see, the top portion of the block on my car has 4 plates with 3 studs in each. a wreckon that its the o-ring on the return. gona change it and see how it geos. all lets yous know how a get on, cheers claymore. must try get a picture of these plates aswell.
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    850 t5 leaking oil

    Sump was changed before i got the car and it was sealed with blue sealant - is this blue sealant alright or do i need special sealant? I see 3 plates on the block just below the turbo with 4 studs in each plate. The plate closest to the turbo is weeping oil from the bottom 2 studs when ticking...
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    Whats holding you back

    mortgage payments.
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    1st time drivers listen up!!!

    im only jus hearing about a young fell i know, 18yrs old and a terrible bumb about his driving skills. first time diver on his permit, hes after getting an 09 seat leon from daddy (who else). night before last he was racing on a straight stretch of road, was passing the car he was racing and...
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    When to walk away

    you stop wen u avn the time to play with the wiens atleast 1 day on the weekends. until then keep er lite!!!
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    help required :)

    im 24 now but i was 18 weni bought the punto. i was looking up insurance online for some time at first. the same company was always cheapest but what happened was i never deleted the cookies on the comp and wen it come to me paying up the quote went from 1200 to 1900 on 10secs. couldnt belev it...
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    Had any snow and ice where you are

    here in Donegal there's still snow laying on the mountains next to us. been there three days now, its actually getting warmer now. last saturday there was lorries though ditches and cars over hedges. 4 cars smashed over a 100yrd run. wev had too much rain ere. wev had roughly 8weeks dry weather...
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    help required :)

    dont spend all your money on the first car cuz u will smash it. buy something that has decent airbags and abs is a must. u wana live after your 1st collision. i nearly didnt!!! i pumped all i had ( not much ha) into a 1.4 punto to get me back and forward to work. the gf was driving (i swear she...
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    What car should i get

    ford sierra or a toyota twincam or a 300zx.
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    How to design and build a performance exhaust

    n/a engines: never go bigger that an extra half inch dia piping. turbo engines: go as big as you like.. (6inch pipe isnt practicle though) keep the line as easy flow as possible, as in nice easy bends, no sharp bends and defo no miters!!! dont straight pipe a n/a engine, shel be tara sore on...
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    Broken stud repair problem !!!!!

    the only other thing i no that might get it out is to TIG weld a very short (25mm long) bolt onto the easy out and to the stud. try un-screwing it very slowly. if it brakes off, weld it back on and put it all in the freezer over night. take it back out, heat around the stud and try again...
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    hdi tuning plans

    remap and change the flywheel cuz itl go right n quick wen you remap. change the bottom pulley to a solid one purley to stop the anoying rattling. decat and full stainless 2.5inch line.
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    850 T5R Tuning & Performance Build Potential?

    im sooooooo tempted!!!! fabrication isn't a problem for me, ive plenty of time (no money though ha). theres piles of space under the bonnet and sue cutting the tunnel is only a challenge. testing the car after will be the only problem. would i be wrecking a future classic?
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    850 T5R Tuning & Performance Build Potential?

    1st one had 190k and the other had 130k ish. the syncro is away on the one ive got now. wot in your opinion would be the best thing to do to a tyred 850t5 with 190k on her? 1. i would be up for restoring her back to factory glory, 2. strip her to the bones, do up the engine and race her (bare...
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    850 T5R Tuning & Performance Build Potential?

    iv had two of them now and they've all done it. some might say its me but it doesn't happen to any other car iv owned. the miles were up on my motors all da same. wouldnt help.
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    850 T5R Tuning & Performance Build Potential?

    the 850t5 box doesnt like quick change. there prone to loosen syncro's in 2nd and 3rd. ment to be a handy fix but something to bare in mind
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    what is scavaging for?
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    landrover power,or not.

    blank off the EGR port. screw out the diesel pump. take the head and intake manifold off so you can clean them (cuz it will be clogged up something stupid) and port the manifold. after that buy an isuzu trooper 3.1 cuz they're a better machine all round, simple as that.
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    d24 engine

    just a quick question on the d24 turbo diesel engine, whats it like for reliability and is it easy to tune? im from ireland and cant find one anywere for sale. are they uncomman or whats the story?
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    hydraulic handbrake on a pug!!!

    the only reason i wanted to use a hydraulic brake is to ues the back callipars as often as possible. the main problem is my callipars dont activate when braking. design fault in the 406. if i was able to use them more often they wouldnt sieze, this is were the hydraulic handbrake comes into...
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    Mercedes C220

    chipping is just connecting a box of tricks to the brain. they are genraly not very good because all they do is trick the brain into reading different signals than it actualy is reading. they make the pump inject more diesel, somtimes by tricking the brain into thinking theres more oxygen so it...
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    Mercedes C220

    second hand pump is £1300??? thats funny money figures man!!! does the c200 fit straight in? if not id seriously be thinking on packing it in on that car. a second hand pump might have as many miles as yours on it and that could calf as quick as not! do any other cars use the same pump? is she...
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    hydraulic handbrake on a pug!!!

    so it would be down to the quality of the master cylinder and so on. it would be better maybe to keep the original cable brake.
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    hydraulic handbrake on a pug!!!

    thanks very much. pity it wasnt legal because itd be a far more effective brake compared to the existing one. someone was telling me that after a while the hydraulic brake will fade, is this true?
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    How do you apply your handbrake?

    i yank it up on ratchet cus its only ment to go up 4 to 5 clicks over here, more clicks and it needs tightend. saying that my 406 goes all the way to the top and could be doing with a few more clicks and even at that itl not hold on the flat never mind a hill!!! 4 1/2 yrs of ownership and 3...
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    hydraulic handbrake on a pug!!!

    thanks for the info. say im cumming to a stop and im pushing on the brake pedal, come to a stop whilst holding the brake pedal down, pull up the handbrake ( brake pedal and handbrake is in use simultaniously) then let off the foot pedal,,, would this let some of the fluid back up the foot pedal...
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    hydraulic handbrake on a pug!!!

    oh da durty ting ye, never thought of that. sure its bound to be better than the genuine handbrake that when you pull it it does absaloutly nothing abarn put a light up on the dash. if they cant see it they surley cant turn it down, if it works that is. putting mot day to one side, is the...

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