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    Whats the point of modding a car and spending £10k on it!

    t16 engine, is the THE conversion to do on a 205. makes a great sleeper
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    Removing resonator??

    yep drill a few holes in the backbox is the cheapest. this post may not reflect the veiws of torquecars, its owner or any of its affiliates, and may be none of your business anyway :P
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    :lol: good tip billyo
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    Whats the point of modding a car and spending £10k on it!

    ok think, look at MR. m3. he bought his car for 30k brand new, its got leather seats, and adverage stereo and ok performance etc then take the modifier, he drives a pug 205 1.9 gti, he bought it for 1500 quid, he then spends 10k on mods eg t16 turbo engine, some new speaker components, head...
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    neons and N2O

    im sure i read somwhere that nitrous is legal IF it is only fitted and not armed for use. but WTH!!!! what would be the point? i dbout the government would "trust" us not to use it. BTW i DONT know if this is accurate so dont take my word for it. unless you like prison. oh and the police...
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    Newbies Say Hello

    veggie oil? surely that is about 0.1 RON. how does it work? as in what the hell makes the fire?
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    LOL, hey parky.
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    yeah i get you, i like my VAG cars too, especially mk1 golf gti's :D theres still some good examples out there with the OE red trim round the front grille if you look hard enough.
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    makes me laugh

    all the people coming on the site say: i need more bhp more torque faster faster faster but they forget one VERY importaint thing, BRAKES! There is no point in having a monster bhp motor if you brakes are about as big as polo mints. BUT thats your choice, personally id put a big...
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    what car? engine size? awd? fr? ff?
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    Would 750bhp require major head work? also would i need a stroker kit to strengthen the internals to run more boost, fuel and ignition advance? also what cars are you into? (Puts on flameproof suit :P ) i like my jap cars, but im into the older stuff like r32 liners and celica GT-...
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    Archive from the old forum

    cosworth maybe? remember the white dude out of 2f2f? he has a 400bhp cossie t5 i think
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    Toyota Supra ECU

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    Uni Chip

    i dont think so, you are better off going to a shop for it, you could seriously mess your engine up if you dont know what you are doing.
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    If you had the money would you buy a Ferrari?

    no, peole have got it all wrong in my eyes. i wouldnt spend 200k+ on one STANDARD car. thats just over the top why not? 1.a skyline, then tune it so much your eyeballs fall out when burning the strip. old skool cadillac like dr dre's, with hydraulics that bounce 15 ft, and at least 50...
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    Ideas wanted for the best supercar to live with

    the aston definately, preferably a db5. though a cool TVR would be better :D
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    RX7 Tuning advice needed.

    induction kit, exhaust, chip and boost controller. NOTE!!! if it is jap spec, as in an import, then DO NOT get a boost controller as it WILL suck up your turbine blades and not air :P
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    What is the most reliable power you can get from an EVO?

    not much, get in contatct with RC developments. they do a 2.3 litre stroker kit which is where i would start, but then again, thats me, not you. :P
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    Nissan Pulsar - the best NISSAN ever?

    pulsar/ sunny's are tarmac terrorists but incredibly fragile, exploding engines are common. buy with care.
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    Whats he best car you've been in?

    ive been in an m3 tuned off its tits, running 350+ bhp . lets go drift around some roundabouts :D
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    Escort Sleeper..

    that is one bastard hard mk3.
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    Newbies Say Hello

    Dont Cosworth do tuning parts for that ST170?
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    hey all im Hachi Roku, im from manchester. im 16 now but 17 on friday so im starting lessons :shock: , i saw a '94 polo 1.4 the other day for 1500 quid so i might get that. in the future i hope to get a vr6 engine transplant for that polo :D , also my dream would be to own a sub 10 second...
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    Window tinting - legal in the UK?

    tip i use, if i dbout dont make the mod.
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    What is the Best car to drift in.

    fair S13 silvia/200sx 's go for a grand on ebay. check local scrappys n stuff for cat c's and d's as these have mostly light cosmetic damage and need things like bumpers and headlights etc, stuff you may already be planning on changing. also the AE86 (hachi roku) corolla is a great drift...

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