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    106 gti conversion go to, there is a mi16 engine for a 106, will give your car 225bhp
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    what i got im getting new: big disc brakes (back and front) koni sports suspension kit (lowers 35-40mm) powertec induction kit twin exhaust 10.5" sports quick shifter nitrous oxide twin set, hopefully that all will make it go over 140mph
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    improve power they do a 7,000 grand mi16 engine complete conversion, which updates a 106 to 225bhp
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    improve power

    well i was thinking of an engine swap, i cnt find any engine swap, apart from a 106 which updates it to 225bhp
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    improve power

    hi im looking for an engine swap for my 206 gti 2000 2.0 model, i want it to at least go over 150+ mph, need to seta record at this track and could you tell me a website which does engines
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    hi, my car gauge reads 140mph on it (it doesn't go 140 tho) if i tune my car to go over 140, will i need a new gauge, and will it be better to have one
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    hi i have a new 2001 y reg peugeot 206 lx 1.4 so far its standard. im looking to improve it at the moment im not looking to improve visual parts im looking for a complete engine conversion, maybe the si16, but i dont know the places, can sum1 plz give me a website which does them
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    i think you confused no not all, i dont support street racing, but i love to take it out on a track and set a time, i have done drag but yet again that was in a track, with a 2 foot wall,so the cars cannot make contact anyway i respect thjat you told surely street racing should be stopped
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    Newbies Say Hello

    206gti hi all, i just sold and bought a 206 gti (for some reason i love the car) anyway, my new peugeot has not alot on it.# so far im looking to buy a nos tank, just togive it a little boost, i was told by someone th at putting five holes in the air filter box makes the carsound louder...
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    206 gti

    thanks thanks for the reply, this site is really good, is nitrous legal in the uk, and are they easy to fit, thanks
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    i sold the peugeot with the skyline engine, turns out a small problem is very difficult to repair, plus its in the back, so i sold the engine seperate put the standard one back in, i got another peugeot 206 gti
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    206 gti

    hard 2 find thanks and yes it was on a track :D do you know any websites which do decent ones, so far the best i have found is i have found a decent nos kit, but im looking for a turbo kit, i just want it fast enough to race (drag on a track), i dont think its good...
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    hi im looking to insure a 206 lx 2001 model, what is the cheapest insurance company, so far i have found elephant the cheapest
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    206 gti

    hi all, i ave a 2001 model 206 lx 1.4,
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    rx7 hi im looking to buy a mazda rx7 just like the one in tokyo drift (owned by han the orange one) anyone got any ideas??? plz tell me if you have
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    hi hi there, im uzi I got a peugeot 206 with a skyline gtr r34 2001 engine in it. ibin saving upfor a long time so i had abit of money plus 2 jobs one night and one morning, so you cud say i was abit desperate.
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    whats first when suping up a 1600cc engine?

    american dump i recently went to new york, and i was at a car junk place, i found a damaged mustang 1967fastback, with a tatty interior and eterior, it does go but not very fast, i'vr imported it to england, so i can start this project, i dont want to keep the same engine, im thinking of doing...
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    g-force system i recently purchased a coupleof g-forcemeters for my car igave the others to my mates, and ihave realised that there is a mode which adds up all the g-force from when you press begin and when you press stop. i have found it very useful for races which involve things like who...
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    Where is the best place to learn drifting?

    I like to do it anywhere, i live not tofarfrom a track, i find it pretty useful,there, ifyou don't have a track, then try using car parks,which allow, you to drive there, i normally drift around lamp posts

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