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    subwoofer decision help

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend Rockville to anybody, it’ll hurt your wallet a bit more but your ears will thank you if you go with JBL, JL Audio, or Skar (but Skar seems to be constantly out of stock of their powered subs). You can check out this guide for some of the best 12 inch subwoofers...
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    What is your current dream car

    Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron :)
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    Dash cams, are you getting/do you have one?

    AUKEY Dash Cam - As basic as you can get Garmin Mini - This thing is MINI. Most discrete cam on the market, and great app functionality A119 v3 - GPS, great video quality, great value Probably most well-liked. 70mai - Some users like this cam. It's cheap
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    Decibel app?

    This is really helpful. Thx
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    Are you up to date with the road rules?

    Yes, always!!!
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    Are estate cars getting cool

    Lol :D There is no happy wife ?-/
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    Bose sound system Audi S3

    I have a bose sound system for my TV and my car is all bose. Both sound fantastic.
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    Great tips for home mechanics

    This video is worth watching. Thanks
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    What is your cars name

    Currently have Mustang GT350, trying to upgrade to Audi A8.
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    Are wider tyres better ?

    Yes, wider tires are safer, especially if wider than the gaps you may fall into, more rideable on less than hard surfaces, more grip, and keep better contact with the ground at speed. And there is no reason wider tires should be slower at touring speeds. On the contrary. They should be tougher...
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    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    Some of that stuff just seems scary :D
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    subwoofer decision help

    I have used JBL, Skar Audio, MTX subs and found all these brands work great. The main thing is your budget. Not everyone is going to spend $500 on a sub so first of all, you need to know how much you are going to spend and what type of sound quality you need.

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