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    2 x E34 for sale

    hi paul, you still got the 525?
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    FTO GR input wanted

    projects now cancelled the insurance company laughed at me so time to change plans and go with something else, maybe an mg metro :lol: *Removed URL as per T&C's*
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    Omega 3.2 to FTO GR

    :lol: at cant talk much :)
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    FTO GR input wanted

    most of my cars seem to turn into money pits so why should this be different :lol: all in all its a good motor though i wont really know till i get it taxed insured and on the road properly thanks guys
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    FTO GR input wanted

    Hi there, ive wanted one since I was 15.....finally all these years later with a bit of spare cash laying in me wallet I noticed one on gumtree for £350...........well I bought it and now im wondering what ive let myself in for :sad2: can anyone let me know what I should look out for? its...
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    Hi there

    just found your to all this and finally bought the car ive wanted since I was 15 lol Mitsubishi fto gr..................... :blink:

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