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  1. yankfan101

    RANGE ROVER MK1 for sale

    Range Rover 4 door EFI 1987. Condition 2 ,90% of all replacement parts are " NEW OLD LANDROVER PARTS " all from Famous Four. Comes with factory fitted radio/cassette New barings all round, new 4 pot brake calipers/discs on the front, new 2 pot calipers on the back, stripped & re-built HP...
  2. yankfan101

    Classic Car Sunday

    Alton in Hampshire, 13.00 - 16.00, food & drinks, no alcohol, on site, space for 300 cars but MUST be pre 1990. 1st Sunday of the month from April till October. Type in Crotch Cooler on facebook & take a look at the quality & make options on display, OH, & a host of bikes including a trike...
  3. yankfan101

    Rover 3.5efi cold start injector ?

    Ok, this will get you ALL scratching your heads. 3.5 V8 efi, 1987, Range Rover, after replacing all the insides of the lump and a lot of solenoids and relays I now have to replace the Cold Start Injector that sits on the side of the Plenham chamber, only to find that this part is no longer made...
  4. yankfan101


    Happy New Year to all TorqueCar members, dose anyone know just how good Megasquirt is, in need a completely new injection system for my 3.5efi Range Rover, including air flow system.
  5. yankfan101


    Happy New Year all, I'm thinking of buying a Supra, but can anyone give me some pointers as to what to watch out for, what's the best one to get, major faults and so on . Many thanks guy's.
  6. yankfan101

    Camberley show pics 3/9/2016.

    Spot the replicas.
  7. yankfan101


    Hi all , any one going to the show at Abby Store on Monday 29th ?
  8. yankfan101

    What once was.

  9. yankfan101

    Range Rover classic's

    Does anyone own a pre'88 classic in the offroaders section ?
  10. yankfan101

    Low or hi profile's ?

    Why do people fit massive rims & low profiles or the other side of the coin, smaller rims & higher profiles.
  11. yankfan101

    Rover 3.5 EFI Misfire ?

    Hi all, ive got a Range Rover with a factory fitted 3.5 EFI lump, I cant find out where the misfire is coming from, not the dizzy cap or plugs & leads or rotor arm, (replaced). Im thinking maybe the coil or something under the plastic cove below the rotor arm but I havnt delved that far into...
  12. yankfan101


    As the advert says with 2 exceptions, 1, 12 month MOT , 2, sale price £1500, lets face it, the engine & box are worth that.
  13. yankfan101

    Jaguar XJ8 Executive V8. ( with sport mode )

    My XJ8 3.2 V8 is up for sale, its a 2002 car of which only 4 were made, ( I checked Wiki ), 118,422 miles, gear box VERY smooth, interior perfect apart from the normal sagging roof liner, 6 cd changer/radio, all the electrics work. Ive just had it serviced & have the full service history...
  14. yankfan101

    RANGE ROVER 3.5 EFI !!!!

    Hi guys n gals, how can I get any info on the 1987 3.5efi classic, ie, power, how many built in RHD, how many left, all updates & when. Looked on Wiki, nothing, looked on the Range Rover register , nothing, have I got the only one ?????????
  15. yankfan101


    Has any of our members got a MK1 Range Rover, I need a 4 door roof liner, but no one makes them. help needed.
  16. yankfan101

    LPG ?

    Hi all, does anyone know how much you get from the GOV for LPGing a 4.6 engine. Many Thanks folks.
  17. yankfan101

    2002 XJ EXEC V8

    Ive tried to find out how many Exec v8's were built in 2002, so far ive found 4 cars, mine being one of them , but I just cant believe that. Any ideas guys.
  18. yankfan101

    1976 C10 stepside.

    Hi all, has anyone got or worked on a stepside C10 76-80, need info for any tricky stuff when lifting the back end & dropping the front. thanks.
  19. yankfan101

    Big cat ??

    so what do Jag owners think to VKM 250 S. Cos im thinking of doing mine the same !!
  20. yankfan101

    part needed for my Puma

    Anyone got a Fiesta dizzy gearbox in good nick for sale, mk4 or 5 only please. I 'll collect ...Thanks..:bigsmile:
  21. yankfan101

    Brisca f1

    anyone going to the world final this year ???
  22. yankfan101


    :bigsmile: Can anyone tell me which speakersi should buy/aquire for my '01 Focus that are CHEAP yet can handle a JVC KD-LX111R , i think its kikin' out about 200w,maybe 250w who knows. Many thanks guys. Ade.
  23. yankfan101

    Which one ???

    Im gonna' junk my wheels for either a jag x dti or a rover 75 dti but cant decide , both have good & bad points, any pointers as to which one you'd get..:D:D
  24. yankfan101

    Im back peeps, ex yankfan 100 now, 101


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