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    Dream 5 car garage?

    most forums have something like this and havnt seen one on here so thought id start one... So money no object what 5 cars would you have and why? Include pics too! For me it would be: 5. Bugatti Veyron SS (because why wouldnt you?) 4.Mk1 focus RS 400+ bhp (loved my old one, probably the most...
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    Focus RS

    had the alloys sprayed on my FRS last weekend, picked it up last night. couple of quick pics after picking it up! well chuffed with it... just needs clean now lol
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    Track Day, Silverstone 4th Febuary.

    Do a lot of you guys on here do track days then? Anyone booked in for the one at Silverstone on 4th feb?
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    hello just signed up so thought id say hi... My names ash, 21, live near milton keynes and drive a mk2 Focus RS and love it to bits! apart from the runng costs:lol::embarrest::love: I know its not going to be to everyones taste but heres a few pics: Heres a couple pics of my focus RS...

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