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    Combined dry sump and pressure delivery pump, UK

    Hi guys I saw on Google a pump like the usual Ford gerotor (eg old Cortina etc) type. But it had four orifices for scavenging oil (to tank) and also supplying oil to the filter. I can no longer find it and want to have another look. Anyone know who makes this? Thanx. (Might be wrong page here...
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    Diesel Fuel Filter

    Renault Clio diesel, 2002, fuel filter housing has four nozzles. Two have green spots, there's a red and a white. I think the fuel exits from the central white nozzle. It comesfrom the tank into the filter at either green one. Surplus fuel returns to the tank from the red one. The...
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    Ultrasonics and robots

    Yesterday, I was parked against the kerb, about to leave when the woman in the car in front exited. Just as I was letting in the clutch, BIG BLACK SHINY FWD comes alongside her space to reverse in. No probs. Except, he takes about 4 (quite nice) slices to get in, then backs right up against my...
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    Two stroke diesel: Build a simple ECU ??? Do-able, or not?

    Hi I know only general stuff about modern DFI. I have Jeff Hartmann's book but it's too specific, "teaching by example", but wrong examples. I'm using a single Delphi injector from a 2007 Renault Clio 1.5 L diesel turbo in my attempt to build a single cylinder 2 stroke diesel (to test an idea...
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    Towards a two-stroke turbodiesel aero engine

    Hi: Under "How do you control an ECU?", I briefly explained what I'm aiming at. It's all very difficult because I find I'm working alone. Therefore, if anyone wants to help in any way, please get intouch. I'm near Sheffield but distance isn't an insuperable problem. Many years ago, I was one...
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    Controlling an ECU

    Greetings: Anyone know if a standard ECU (from a 1.5L Clio turbo diesel) can be controlled over a range, to give squirts at micro-intervals chosen by me? I'm playing with a one-off single cylinder turbo diesl and wish gradually to optimise performance. Thanks Malc9141 :shock:

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