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  1. stamford

    Latest addition

    Sold the Antara and the MGF as the latter was getting on and getting out was not very graceful! Plus with our first grandchild the wife needed more seats! So pooled the money together and bought two decent cars. The wife has now got an Audi A4 3.0 V6 Cabriolet S-Line, specced by myself and I...
  2. stamford

    DIY Nitrous Kits

    Just chucking this out there to see if anyone has installed their own nitrous kit and whether this is worth doing rather than getting a specialist to fit it? I have hankered for one ever since a friend and myself had a blast around Brands Hatch. He had nitrous but I didn't but I was quicker over...
  3. stamford

    Supercar blast birthday treat

    Had a red letter day from my eldest daughter for my 50th and last week we drove to Dunsfold for the experience. I had the choice of two from a long list, that was hard. So here's a couple of photos. Both photos taken entering 'hammerhead' on the Top Gear test track. This was mental, I want...
  4. stamford

    I love christmas, it's a perfect excuse to.........

    Find a bargin and tell the wife, 'you can get me that for Christmas', you keep asking 'what can I get you?' So today as luck would have it a deal on a big brake kit I was after fell through due to car issues elsewhere I had to address but the kit resurfaced again today but at a price I could...
  5. stamford

    My daily driver

    Bought this recently to replace the Vectra Elite estate as badly missed my series 2 TD5 Discovery. Needed an auto as my clutch leg was suffering in traffic due to cellulitus issues in both legs over the years. So got a very happy place to be on the daily commute. No more leg cramps, bad back is...
  6. stamford


    Had a couple of emails to entice me back so thought I had better have a look in and not be rude! I must say it does look very different in here and so far impressed, well done on the changes. Hope all are keeping fit and well. I've not had the best of times but it's nothing compared to some so...
  7. stamford

    18" Inovit Wheels

    Set of four 18 x 7.5J Inovit Aros, ET38 multi-fit 4x100 & 4x114 pcd £275 collected. Located near Portsmouth, Hants Good condition with a few minor scratches, see photos. Tyres ideally need replacing as inner edge worn. Remaining 3/4 have 3.5mm tread. Tyres fitted are Falken 452s...
  8. stamford

    The Disco has gone and in its place.......

    It was time to move the TD5 Discovery on as it was getting on a bit, the last MOT had a few advisories that meant spending on it in the next year. Plus I was looking for something more economical on the 70 mile daily commute and comfortable as the back is not as good as it once was! The other...
  9. stamford

    Small update

    Thought I'd share a small update. Not done a great deal lately as been a tad poorly and still got more hospital procedures to do, however I was determined to get something done to ease the boredom! The weekend just gone was set aside in order for me to do the following: remove gearbox. fit...
  10. stamford

    Pair of Blue Corbeau Forza Bucket Seats

    Pair of blue Corbeau Forza bucket seats, bottom mount type. In very good condition. Selling due to ongoing back problems and have therefore made a decision to revert my MG back to fast road specification. Not happy about it but why suffer when I should be enjoying it! So the proceeds will...
  11. stamford

    Latest MG Pictures

    About time it was updated, so here's a few. and a mod waiting to be fitted.................
  12. stamford

    Dalmatian Puppies for sale!

    Yep real pups for sale. Daisy is due around the 10th August, size of litter unknown as the scan only proved as per vets words " she's well packed", but reckons at least six. Oreo (the dad) is one of eleven and Daisy is one of ten so you never know! Details can be found here including pictures...
  13. stamford

    Volkswagon Scirocco GTX mk2

    Make: Volkswagon Model: Scirocco GTX mk2 Engine size: 1600 Year: 1988 'F' Description: Selling this on behalf of my daughter who has lost interest in it. Carb fed 1600 engine, 5 speed gearbox. Black paintwork with nice black and grey interior. MOT December 2011 and short tax. Has...
  14. stamford

    Haynes Manuals................keep or sell?

    This got me thinking, how many of us on here confess to hoarding said manuals when we probably know we will never own another car the manual covers? I'll confess to owning several and for some really stupid reason I keep them! Maybe one day I'll have a clearout.
  15. stamford

    My MG

    I know an MG isn't everyones cup of tea, but I love it. It's been in my possession for over 5.5 years and is work in progress. Not one to have shed loads of money to throw at it as having a house, wife, teenage daughters, cats and dogs etc tends to drain the stamford wallet somewhat! So on...
  16. stamford

    An update-been quiet lately

    Sorry if it feels like I have deserted you but I have been busy and focusing on other things lately. As some of you might remember my wife had her Suzuki Jimny written off back in late November, well we only got the cheque through late last month! Well we lost the hire car the day before xmas...
  17. stamford

    Tough Little Jimny

    Well the wife's Jimny earned its spurs yesterday, Kathy was involved in an RTA, she was not at fault. However the poor little jeep is now expired and is a write off for sure. Most of the impact was as seen, but also found damage to the OSR wing. Insurance company have been excellent so...
  18. stamford

    Classic Alfa in Martina Franca, Italy

    I spent three days in southern Italy on business 2 weeks ago and whilst there a friend of mine, Costas, took me out in his classic Alfa, what a great afternoon that was! He competes in regularity rallies in Italy. It certainly turned a few heads! Not the usual mode of transport to take to a...
  19. stamford

    Classic Alfa in Martina Franca, Italy

    I spent three days in southern Italy on business 2 weeks ago and whilst there a friend of mine, Costas, took me out in his classic Alfa, what a great afternoon that was! He competes in regularity rallies in Italy. It certainly turned a few heads! Not the usual mode of transport to take to a...
  20. stamford

    MG 17" Alloys

    White powder coated 'straights', original fitment on the MG ZS and ZR160 mk1. Complete with centre caps. 17x7J 4x100 pcd ET45 I was keeping these for track use but they are in the way. 2 off good Toyo T1Rs 215/40 and 2 off need replacing as they are close to the limit. Seen a few laps of...
  21. stamford

    Wheel Arch Extensions

    I have been trying to find race/rally style wheel arch extensions but these days nothing is turning up. Anyone got any ideas? MC Rallying have seemed to have gone. I was thinking of some lightweight additions for when I lower the car for track use and gain wheel clearance without wanting to go...
  22. stamford


    I put my car forward as a guinea pig to see what could be done and hopefully put to bed the debate on KV6 remaps. Well, after 11 dyno runs and numerous tweaking of the maps it ran 190bhp/165ft-lbs before the mods (with Janspeed cat-back, BMC CDA induction and a decat) the final reading was...
  23. stamford

    Remap Session Booked

    As title, I have got my MG booked in for a full days remapping and rolling road session. I've put my car forward as a test bed for tweaking the map by a specialist. There's some history regarding these so called chips or maps with the KV6, so we aim to put this to bed once and for all. The days...
  24. stamford

    your 1st Fuel injected car

    Re: How to use a choke My god I have had so many cars with a manual choke. Not all behaved as they should, the last one being the Mini 25 I had 2 years ago! I suppose the question to ask is-what was your first fuel injection engined car? A tough one to remember that far back! :lol: I think...
  25. stamford

    I too have been busy

    I'm still here for those that might have wondered 'where's stamford?' :cheesy: I have been busy working on the zed getting a few things ready for the forthcoming trackday season! Also had another promotion at work so my time is taken up and when I do get time to surf I am too brain dead to log...
  26. stamford

    Decat Fitted

    Finally got my decat pipe fitted this morning and boy what a difference! :D I'm like a dog with two dicks now! :cheesy: Sounds awsome and compliments my Janspeed dual exit system. Has more pick up now, more responsive. Pops and bangs like it should. Very pleased indeed! :D:D:D:D Only...
  27. stamford

    Ny-Trex Nitrous Systems

    Anyone on here used them or known someone who has used their systems? I'm contemplating buying one for a silly price but know nothing about the company only WON systems.
  28. stamford

    WRC looking sparse

    Subaru have followed Suzuki in pulling out of the WRC, just leaving Citroen and Ford in there. Wouldn't want to be a Prodrive employee at this time. They're dropping like flies, a real shame for motorsport in general. Story here
  29. stamford

    VLB Engine Synopsis

    As mentioned in a previous thread I did some R&D work on 750 Superbikes and Nissan Primeras for the BTCC back in the early 90's. This was mainly developing the 'VECTIS' ram air induction design, the synopsis describes this in detail. There is some heavy reading here but interesting for some of...
  30. stamford

    WANTED-engine/box & running gear

    I've decided to go back to grasstrack/oval racing and shall be building a mid-engined Citroen AX. I have decided against a 2.0 VTS as I don't want fwd, had enough of racing fwd and fancy a change to rwd and some fun! So, I am after something to plop in the back, doesn't need to be exotic as...
  31. stamford

    stamford's previous track cars

    not pretty, but did a job all the same :blink1: Mini of course! Everyone has to play with one of these! Chevette-started life with a 1.9 Manta engine, then that expired and in went a Rover V8, semi-space framed front end. A case of tail wagging the dog with this! Audi GT 2.4i...
  32. stamford

    A selection of my previous rides

    72 Vauxhall Firenza Vauxhall Magnum 2300 st4 Blydenstein Vauxhall HSX Chevette It's 2300 16v twin cam engine, twin 48's and some works bits Calibra V6 Mini 25 (1275GT) I'll post some of my old track cars, too many images for one post!
  33. stamford

    stamford's current ride

    Here's my everyday toy had this for near on 4 years now, a record for me :lol: Still the best handling car I have owned, a great chassis for a fwd car. I'll post some of my previous later.
  34. stamford

    Hello from me

    Hello fellow forum members. I came across this site by pure chance and thought I'd take a closer look. I'm an oldish petrolhead, been tinkering with cars for years, used to build and race grasstrack cars from production up to supersaloon. Also done some track testing and a fair few track...

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