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  1. Stiggy

    I'm Back'ish

    Hey all, just thought I'd see how everyone is doing as it's been years since I last posted
  2. Stiggy

    New Tires Soon

    Hey All, it's been a while. Wondering if I could get some advice. I've just got my self a new car and it has some nice ditch finders on it right now so when I have financially recovered I am looking to get some new tires. Trouble is there are so many to choose from these days and I can't find...
  3. Stiggy

    Car suggestions

    First off hello everyone who has been here since I have last logged in, all the new members and all the old members who remember me, hope life has been treating you all well :) . Now down to business, I was wondering if people could give me some suggestions on what car's to look at since in...
  4. Stiggy

    Steering issue

    Hi guys im back once again for some advice I have encountered a problem with my car wear i get a knocking noise while going over rough ground wear it would cause the car's body to shimmy, so iv done the bounce test and got nothing so i moved onto rocking the car left and right while...
  5. Stiggy

    MK III Handbrake

    hey guys im back again needing some advise my car has been through an MOT and its come back with an advisory on the handbrake Measurements Brakes Advisories: RBT Park Brake Efficiency: 17% now iv had a look at it all and iv noticed the offside caliper wont release properly and is a bit stiff...
  6. Stiggy

    Laguna problems

    hey guys wondering if i can pick your brains again as some of you may know im looking at buying a new car now and i was wondering if anyone has heared of any problems that crop up on the laguna im looking at around the 2000>2004 models and i'll be geting a diesel, most likely the 1.9DCI...
  7. Stiggy

    Poor engine performance

    hey guys its been a while since i last came on here but i was wondering if i could have your assistance again my astra has got poor performance on acceleration and also feels like its missfireing, but only realy when its cold, when the engine is up to temp the missfiring practicly stops but iv...
  8. Stiggy

    Long Time No Speak

    Hey guys its been a while 8 months to this day in fact, only a few may remember me so im just saying hello here again have i missed out on much ?
  9. Stiggy

    Insurance question

    Hey i was wondering the other day about what mods you can get away without declairing on tecnicalitys like :- Piper Cross Pannel Filter EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads them two im sure are classed as consumables so surly they wont make any differenct being declaired or even not being declaired...
  10. Stiggy


    just wondering guys but what sort of performance gain would you get from just having a De-Cat pipe put in with a standard back box on a 1.8 astra. Any ideas ?
  11. Stiggy

    Hey Hey

    Hey stiggy hear (aka ste) just thought id say hi to everyone I drive a 1.8 Vauxhall Astra MK4 (Astra G) and it does me good (as long as nothin breaks on it) im looking to modify it and generally play around with variouse parts on it. if ya fancy a chat with me add me on msn...
  12. Stiggy


    Just a quick question on the exhaust tuning page, just removing the the back box gave power gains. would that be an option on my car (1.8 16v ecotec astra) and just extend the pipe to the back of the car. would it give me a resonable rise in BHP or is it a BIG NO NO due to torque
  13. Stiggy

    A Word Of Warning

    I know its long winded but please read this:- with all the rain thats been about im sure their has been loads of floods that everyone has encountered, a quick tip though for everyone though (as i found out this the hard way) if your one of these drivers that like to blast through the flood...
  14. Stiggy

    1.8 Astra Tuning (16v ecotec)

    hey guys was wondering what would be the best engine mods to do on my motor. Can anyone help me out on that one ?

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