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    Check out our new YouTube channel

    Subbed and liked the first vid. I'll share the channel on Bookface every now and then too. |B
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    Hi from hull in the united kingdom

    Hello and Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time with us. We are a friendly bunch. :) Remap sounds good. Have a search to see if there are any companies that do Braided lines for your car and maybe some uprated pads. That alone should give you more feel and stopping power and shouldn''t cost too much.
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    2012 N53B30a 272 HP F11

    I've heard of people smoothing the inside of the airfilter box. But again it would only give better throttle response. The power gain is debatable. It would feel like it is faster due to the better throttle response but more than likely wouldn't pick up much if any hp on a dyno. More air will...
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    2012 N53B30a 272 HP F11

    Is it a panel replacement filter or a cone filter? The panel replacements will give slightly better throttle response but a power increase is debatable. A cone filter is much the same really to be honest. A forced ram airfilter with a dedicated cold air feed would give a difference. But again...
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    Wheeler dealers are car monkeys. I wouldn't trust a car from them at all. They short cut to fix and supposedly improve. To be honest. I pity anyone who has purchased a car from them. They once has a Sierra Coswoth on the show and actually sold it to someone who actually knew about Cosworths. He...
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    Programmer Texas area

    I've changed the title to say you are in the Texas area. Maybe that will help people respond sooner if anyone is near.
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    Programmer Texas area

    Can we please refrain from name calling please. I'll say this once..... If we have nothing constructive to add to this thread. Then don't comment at all. OP. I can't answer your original question. But we do have members from the States. So hopefully one of them may see this and respond.
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    Bit of engine vibration...

    Moved. |B
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    Stupidly dangerous overtaking

    Yes. The markings require you to stop and give way. But most in the UK when turning left at a junction will only check right on approach.
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    TCJB's first 2019 street sprint event.

    ESP does interfere quite alot in my experience. I had it on my old Focus. Could turn TC off but the ESP was permanently on. Honestly not sure if there is a way to turn it off on the Honda. Vaux had it on my Astra. But there was a sneaky way of disabling it. Much to Vauxhalls disappointment as...
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    Sorry I've not been around, here's why

    Thought's going out to you all Waynne. Sorry to hear this. You know we are here for you mate. Anytime.
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    Where is everybody ?

    I'm always around........ Silently.... :cool:
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    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hello for all

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    New Here

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hi everyone

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. |B
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    New to the crowd

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    A6, quattro

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Newbie saying hello

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    new member

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hi Guys

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. |B
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    NEW GUY !

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Newbie here.

    If the picture you want to upload is of your own car don't worry about the 10 posts.. It will just fall into a queue which I will approve for you. Just click "Upload a File" Which is the button at the side of "Post Reply" when you reply to a thread. |B
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    Credit where credit is due fella. It really is good to see a fine example still going. Love RS's me. I really really wish I had garaged mine years ago rather than selling it. Other than the wheels it was more or less exactly the same. It was a genuine 280bhp at the wheels. Went like stink to...
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    It's a great looking car bud. Good to see some are still being well looked after. Never been to Manifold Valley myself. It looks a lovely place though and deffo worth a visit one day. It's a bucket list off places to see.
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    Hello From Canada!

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hi guys how's it going my name is Michael

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    Looking great pal. You really don't see many on the road anymore. Especially in the condition of yours. Carsington is a gorgeous place. Used to go there alot. Great place for a nice walk when the weather is good. |B
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    300zx z32 car guy

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    What's the best advice for a new enthusiast

    Hahahaha That's Classic. :rofl: You should of shown him and then charged him for your time. :lol:
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    Im after an induction filter for my vw t5

    Agree with Waynne here. Diesels flow pretty well from the factory. A remap would reap best rewards. Also agree that Diesels with aftermarket induction kits sound awful.
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    Great pic explaining turbo lag

    Not available or it has been removed. "The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren't in."
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    What qualifies as a classic car?

    Age I think is only part of it. For me.. A classic is something that would stand out. Or that was rare from Production.
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    Any tips for driving in Snow?

    Stay indoors and have a whiskey to keep warm. :p
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    Why not just use The main Technical Forum. It doesn't need to be in a sub forum as such. Either way. If it did need moving. One of the Mods would be happy to help. |B
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    October Caption Competition

    You called shotgun over who???
  38. turbonutter69

    Matt LeBlanc to leave Top Gear

    He's a great guy. I've always liked him. Him and Jason on 5th gear together are hilarious. Especially in their Scooby vs Evo battle.

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