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  1. andy206

    Simtek pro ecu

    Item For Sale: simtek pro ecu Price: £395 Inc delivery to anywhere in uk Location: stoke on Trent (collection welcome) Condition: used good working order Simtek Pro Ecu complete with Comms cable. A really top piece of kit that has more features than you can imagine, I'm surprised it hasn't...
  2. andy206

    206 GTI track car project

    Hi guys after what has been around 6-7 years i have finally got myself back into 206 ownership. our last gti was sold on as we were expecting our first child so something a tad more practical was required. anyway iv had an itch to get into trackdays for a while so started the search or...
  3. andy206

    new daily driver Fiesta ST 180

    Hi everyone been looking at upgrading our current daily driver 08 plate 308 1.6hdi for a while now, and after coming up with a few options we decided an st180 would fit the bill perfectly. After a good search we took a trip to mansfield yesterday to view a real nice spirit blue with just under...
  4. andy206

    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    right everyone after the sale of the previous car fell through (less said the better) :wall: i had a great bit of luck and dropped on this motor from a cracking guy from up cumbria :god: its totally different spec wise to the white one i was going to get and i actually prefer that if im honest...
  5. andy206

    my weekend toy Fiesta RS Turbo

    hi everyone just thought i would let you all know i have struck a deal on a really well sorted and solid fiesa rs turbo that i will be collecting later this month :) i will be making a 5 hour round trip to fetch the car from cardiff and i honestly cannot wait for the drive home. the spec is as...
  6. andy206

    Octavia VRS all grown up project

    as alot of you know via my other 206 gti project thread me and the wife are having our first child later this year so the 206 just wouldnt of been practical, it was decided we needed something 5 door with a big boot and on my part something i can keep my hand in with modding :) decision was...
  7. andy206

    2001 206 GTI 138 project

    hi everyone me and the wife recently purchased our first joint car together its a 2001 206 gti 138 in moonstone silver, has 107k on the clocks and is a pretty tidy car seeing as its 13 years old since purchasing a couple of weeks ago i have done the following new front discs and pads...
  8. andy206

    newbie alert

    hi everyone just thought id introduce myself, ,my names andy from stoke on trent and i recently purchased a 2002 Peugeot 206 GTI for me and the wife and i must say i was pleasantly surprised by it. only paid £895 106k engine is very healthy and i have already fitted a k&n panel filter and...

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