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    diference between rear and front traction

    i dont know if theres a topic about this, i would like to know whats the diference between rear and front traction, also ways to drive both, i heard that rear traction is easier to go off road can you tell me a bit of both rear and front traction?
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    ilegal mods, can we get them legal?

    is there a way to homolgate car mods that are ilegal by the trafic laws? how does it works? thanks
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    portuguese car what do you think about it?
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    spark plugs- taking out at hot or cold?

    im sorry, im not shure of the name in english im talking about i saw at a french forum about repair man breaking 2 "candles" in a 98 E300TD they talk about not having heating the engine before taking the off are there candles to take off at cold engine and others with hot engine...
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    taking the black stripe off the 75

    i want to take the black stripe off the 75 what should i do or how should i do to fill it after taking it out? thanks
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    back spoiler for 75

    hi heres a sketch drawing that i made here is the 1 i made (heavy image) i prefer the n°2 what do you think about it? is there special attention in aero dinamics designing...
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    increasing horse power in a 75

    i would like to know how many horse power i can add to a 75 2.0 128hp
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    the only programs that i see are pimp my ride and stuff like that that goes on discovery channel etc and i really like to see anything about cars but im looking for more especific stuff i was wondering if there are dvds of mecanics, tuning, modifying etc etc ?
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    km/miles in the counter

    (depending of the brand and model) for how many km or miles can an engine work fine? or.. when do you think thats too much?
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    larger tires

    what would larger tires do in a 75 2.0? the car would gain stability? would it consume more fuel? what would happen? thanks
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    bumps and lights compatibility

    what other cars (brands and or models) bumps are compatible with 75 2.0 bumps to be adapted in the 75? (sorry for my english :lol: bumps = bumpers, hope i spell it right) and what about the ( front and rear ) lights of other cars (brands and or models) adaptable to alfa 75 2.0...
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    if you had a 75 2.0

    what mods would you do if you had a 75 2.0 ?
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    can anyone tell me a bit of 75 2.0

    hi in a couple of weeks i will have my fathers in law alfa 75 2.0 (i pretty shure that im not mistaken in the model) what do you thing about this car? is it worth to spend money with it? one of the things that i heard from alfa is that they have electronic problems, is it true?
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    styling doors (interior of 75 )

    hi i got a little crazy idea, replacing the (sh#t fogot the name lol) plastic of the (interior of) doors with aluminium in a certain shape (still have to see the design), i dont know if you understand me what do you think of it?
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    removing extra weight in a 75

    hi what would you remove / replace in a 75 to get the car a bit lighter? thanks
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    back seat removal (75)

    hi got a question can i (legally) remove the back seat and instead of having that 3 person seat replace it with 2 x 1 persons seat ? thanks
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    hi im david im not into cars but since im going to have a alfa romeo 75 in a couple of weeks i decided to come and visit car boards and here i am :wink: ps : im a zero when it commes to cars so i count with you to learn some stuff

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