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  1. Yugguy

    Long time no see.

    Howdo all. Haven't posted here for ages. How is everyone? It's all change in the cars in our house. Last August we traded in my wife's Yaris as it was going to cost over a grand for a full aircon refit. Through our nephew we get privilege discount on Ford and got a cracking deal on a Fiesta...
  2. Yugguy

    Springs, replace or repaint?

    The missus Yaris had an advisory on the MOT about rust on rear springs. I've had a look and it's just surface where the paint has started to flake. Otherwise they seem fine. They are easy to remove and I am thinking why not just sand down the flakey areas and stick some Hammerite paint on?
  3. Yugguy

    Working out torque if you don't know it?

    I'm going to change drop links tomorrow and don't know the torque. Could I stick a torque wrench in the existing nut, on a low setting, try to tighten - it will slip of course, but then increase the torque setting until it does tighten? Then that gives me the torque for the new ones.
  4. Yugguy

    Fixed my squeaky steering

    I've had a squeak from the steering when turning, for a while now. Not related to power steering, or to engine temps. It didn't happen when cold but came on when the engine bay was warm or the outside air temp was warm. Anyway to cut a long story short after a lot of research and listening, it...
  5. Yugguy

    hid relays

    So fitted hid kit today, canbus friendly. Lights OK with ignition on, go off after 5 secs with engine running. No errors so I think it is under volts so ballasts are shutting off. Could fit a relay but then would there not be bulb failure cos no power or connection sensed on the original...
  6. Yugguy

    DRLs fitted to a W204 pre-facelift I can provide ebay link to the ones I bought. The work was done by ACMS Walsall who did an excellent job. On by Yugguy posted 8 March 2017 at 15:19
  7. Yugguy

    LED bulbs in the fogs

    Did this a couple of weeks back. The car has convenience lighting that shines the sides and fogs for a minute when you unlock/stop the car at night. I'd done the sides with LEDs ages ago and the fogs were looking yellowish in comparison. So I bought H11 80w leds and resistors and swapped them...
  8. Yugguy

    New Uniroyals

    :D When I got the car 6 months ago it had Contis at the rear and Link at the front. Link tyres were ok but I like to have the same all round. The Contis were down to 3mm, I'd just done a stack of overtime so I've now got 4 new Uniroyals on, 205/55/16. 91V 58 quid a corner. Contis were...
  9. Yugguy


    The one thing that makes my car look older is no drls. The later W204s have a strip in place of the foglight. But I like my foglights. So I have ordered these: They replace the existing foglight surround. I think they look ok, and not stick-on chav...
  10. Yugguy

    Brembo or genuine?

    I'm going to need some new front pads soon, and there's a bit of lip on the discs so I think I'll swap those too. If they are the originals they've done 62k which isn't bad. I fancy putting on drilled, just for the aesthetics really. I can get a full genuine Mercedes AMG/Sport kit with drilled...
  11. Yugguy

    Vacuum oil pump experiences

    I do 9-10k a year so as well as the yearly service at the garage I like to do a mid service oil change myself. I bought a 15 quid hand vacuum pump. I got 7 litres of genuine MB 229.51 oil and a genuine MB oil filter for 49 quid off mbnewcastle ebay. With the oil still warm I was able to easily...
  12. Yugguy

    Weedon Garage thumbs up

    Well I have just done my diff fluid. Pretty easy job in the end. The stuff that came out at 59k was a whole lot darker than the stuff that went in. And cloudy. Smelt of rotten eggs, typical used gear fluid smell. Very satisfying to get it done. Just wanted to give a thumbs up for Ross at The...
  13. Yugguy

    intercoolers, some more equal than others?

    I'm pondering changing the intercooler as it's looking a little battered and bent vanes. Is there a good reason why I should pay around 100 quid more for one made by Hella than for one made by Nissen?
  14. Yugguy

    Rear Differential case bolt seal - help from you clever car builders OG?

    Sat 18th I am going to change the diff fluid in my car. Booked Weedon garage ramp hire so I can do it standing up and with the car level. It's a relatively simple job, just two bolts, drain and fill. I have all I need - oil, rags, pipe, 14mm hex screw, torque wrench etc. My question is, what...
  15. Yugguy

    three hours on my first proper detail.

    Three hours I spent on the cars today. Snow foam, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, shampoo, resin polish, zaino z8 sealant on the outside. Vinyl and rubber care and a vacuum on the inside. Shiny! It made me realise though you could spend literally days on a full detail.
  16. Yugguy

    Osram chrome diadem bulbs

    Here are some before and after pics of osram chrome indicator bulbs, look chrome but flash orange and a lot cheaper than LEDs. Finishes off the head lamp cluster nicely I think.
  17. Yugguy

    More power from a diesel without a remap

    Hello all. Been looking at remaps for the Merc. Turns out that I have the OM646EVO engine and not the OM651 that was fitted from 2010 on. This is good in one sense as the 651 has timing chain issues where the 646 is said to be pretty bulletproof. It does mean though that a remap only yields...
  18. Yugguy

    I must be mad

    When I had the Focus I washed it, twice a year at most. Now I've just spent 107 pounds on cleaning and detailing products. Snow foam lances and clay bars, polishes and Z8 sealants and buffing and drying cloths and all sorts. It's true what they say. The things you own, own you.
  19. Yugguy

    Grrr modern cars bah

    Got some nice bright white leds for my sides, canbus compatible, others have used them in w204 c-classes. I'm old school so I do what I've always done, switch the lights on and so I can see when the new bulbs works. Here's what I did. Undid the inner drivers side cover and pulled out the...
  20. Yugguy


    Well after a week in the Merc I have noticed that alhough I don't drive it any quicker cruising to work than I did the Focus, I don't get anywhere near as many cars up my tailpipe. It's all about perceptions.
  21. Yugguy


    Any recommendations? For cost of 10s not 100s?
  22. Yugguy


    A couple of pics of the new car that the nipper and I have decided to call "Ottoline" Inside by Yugguy posted 5 April 2016 at 16:12 Outside by Yugguy posted 5 April 2016 at 16:12
  23. Yugguy

    Festoon with a wedge

    Hi all. I've been looking for a wedge to festoon adapter, so something like this:$_57.JPG?set_id=880000500F But that has a wedge connector at the bottom to go into the wedge bulb holder. Can't find one anywhere. Any ideas? Chees
  24. Yugguy

    hids today

    Does anyone have recent experience with HIDS and mot? Is the law still as vague as it was a few years ago or have they tightened it up? I had a hid conversion on a Signum (with projector lenses) 4 years ago and it didn't dazzle others and passed the mot. It used to depend on how the different...
  25. Yugguy

    My old car To be fair it would make someone a good buy, keep it serviced and it should last another 12 years easy.
  26. Yugguy

    Affordable Tesla Practical and not a bad price. For someone like me who only does 100-120 miles a week down the same easy route to work it would make a lot of sense.
  27. Yugguy

    Air filter causing induction noise?

    Ok so I did a service on the yaris, oil and air, and ever since it has been noisier on acceleration. Cruising is still quiet. The filter is oem spec. I thought it might be the oil I used, genuine toyota but special fuel economy, so I changed that to the same Fuchs as I used the time before...
  28. Yugguy

    Vacuum oil extraction

    Anyone used or can recommend a good one? Merc air filters are at the top of the engine so I might invest in one, save taking the undertray off just for a sump plug.
  29. Yugguy

    Thoughts? Yeah it's a VX but it is massively equipped, comfy as an armchair, and relatively cheap. 12 month warranty too. The bulk of my driving is 22 miles of straight country road, 5 days a week.
  30. Yugguy

    When are the trade-ins going to hit the market?

    I'd have thought the trade-ins/lease ends against the 16 plates would have started coming onto the market, but now I'm actually in a position to buy a car there's nothing much out there. Bah.
  31. Yugguy

    Alternatives to remaps

    Anyone used anything like this: I've heard the horror stories but apparantly this one doesn't change the fuel rail pressure, it just lengthens the injection time.
  32. Yugguy

    Autobox - sanity check me.

    Ok, I know that if you want to do a proper full drain and fill, you should drain when hot and replace with hot fluid to get the right amount in. And you have to faff about running it and cycling through the gears and all the rest But assuming the level is correct, on the Full on the dipstick...
  33. Yugguy

    Lifespan of shoes in rear drums

    Chaps the wife's Yaris has rear drums. I haven't had a car with them for 20 years. Am I right in thinking that the shoes should last 80 or 90k miles? Car is 6 years old and I had the idea to have a look at them but I'm thinking that at 29k it's not worth the hassle of getting the drums off...
  34. Yugguy

    Yet another car hack fail I really, really, really, really do not want a car that can be accessed remotely. I have no objection to computerisation but I want it to be a closed system, accessible only via a physical port.
  35. Yugguy

    New exhaust

    Had to have a new full exhaust, cat and flexpipe on Friday. Knew the exhaust was on the way out but the cat got damaged by stones on the road so needed to be done too. 373 quid. Ouch, but tbh at least it's a Ford so not as bad as it could have been. The car is now so quiet it's amazing...
  36. Yugguy

    So, are Renault next?
  37. Yugguy

    Guy Martin's Volvo Cool.
  38. Yugguy

    I can't imagine who would buy this

    I mean it looks mint and is tiny miles, yes, but 10k for a 10 year old 3.0 Mondeo, and not even an ST220?
  39. Yugguy

    draining the coolant system.

    If I'm not bothered about renewing the coolant do I need to drain the entire system when changing the thermostat?
  40. Yugguy

    Grrr cars

    Noticed my ps fluid needed a top up at the weekend. So got some fluid yesterday on the way home and decided to do it this morning before setting off for work as it's a 2 second job. Except I dropped the cap down into the engine bay and ended up having to jack the car up and remove half the...

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