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  1. J

    Cyberpunk 206 CC

    I need to replay the Head Liner on one of my cars. Looking a little too classy for me, ;)
  2. J

    Auto Oscillascopes

    Ive been looking at Hantek pc scopes they seem a bit cheap on ebay. I wonder if they are cheap knock offs. It would be good to have everything in one spot, aka the pc. Scope, tuning software, and diagnostic software.
  3. J

    Auto Oscillascopes

    What scopes are people using on their cars? I'm looking at purchasing one to help trouble shooting some electrical gremlins. Any help would be welcome. Cheers High frequency electricuted man.
  4. J

    Your first and latest mod

    Yeah they cost a bit now. Pretty rare too now as most have been scapped or rusted away.
  5. J

    How do you tell if your head gasket has gone

    Absolutely TCJBOLDIE. And you would definitely check all that prior to assuming head gasket. Been there too many times and sadly working though that list I start stressing out the more and more I get through the list with out a positive diagnosis. Always praying that its not the Head Gasket. :p
  6. J

    Your first and latest mod

    HG Monaro, I started life with a wheezy 186s and 3 on the tree g-box.
  7. J

    How does a crank grind and polish improve performance?

    So do you grind the entire crank or just the journals? I'd imagine that the crank mass would need balancing after. A little bit off topic but when you remove mass from the crank, does that impact the dynamic balance of the engine as a whole given that your piston and conrod mass remains the...
  8. J

    How do you tell if your head gasket has gone

    Bubbles or appearance of boiling water in radiator overflow. Sometimes oil in coolant or water emulsifying in engine sump. Sometimes engine runs hot The last one i got, is the mechanic said so
  9. J

    Your first and latest mod

    My first mod was putting a disk brake front end on a 72 monaro with my old man. 4 wheel drum brakes where a workout back in the day. Good times trying to stop as brake fade kicks in.
  10. J

    Ups and downs of life.

    G'day Kev Whilst i agree that bilstien are arguably the best, think about what you will be using the car for. I had a full set of them in my mazda and they didn't last anywhere near the extra cost inccured. The valving inside along with the seals are what failed in my circumstance.
  11. J

    Hi guys n gals,

    New to forums and looking to share info and learn heaps from you. Cheers

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