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    finaly done with turbo install on my e320.. car is runnig good just need tunning.. does anybody know what the best spark plug gap for turbo set up.. and if i should go with a colder plug.. let me know
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    97 e320 turbo project

    hello everyone.. does anybody know if the ecu can be re- mapped for a turbo. i anstalled a t3 t4 hybrid turbo with 6 psi of boost and intercooler 28 pound injectors car idles really nice but jurks and looses power and runs lean as soon as the turbo starts to spool up. let me know thanx
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    hello :)

    new to this site, saying hello. i am a mechanic from huntington park and am usually bored and always looking for new projects and like everyone i need help.. i got my hand on a 97 mecedes 3.2 e320. and planning to run a turbo on it.

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