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    Power Boost valves

    Anyone fitted one of these before:
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    Supercharge Me

    I was having a little surf this bank holiday for aftermarket bits and pieces and came across these: Looks a bit blue peter and I havent been able to get much more information off the site other than the sale what do you...
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    Sounds like a spanking idea!! Wouldnt have a clue how to get started though...and you'd ave to start with a very solid engine. And whilst surfing just now I found this!!!!
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    156 mods

    Hey Ghoul, it totally depends how much you want to spend? Two mods Id certainly consider are ECu remaps and a panel filter - these should easily take the bhp up to 180-185. Also reasonably cheap for what you get back. I'm thinking of getting mine done in the very near future. After that Im...
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    just brought a 97 subaru 2lt sport what should i do?

    ECU remap should give you about 10% extra bhp on a non-turbo anything although if you took it to the right place Im sure they coud squeeze a little more out - that should leave you there or there abouts?
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    Alfa 156 Stainless Exhaust system

    Hello mate, cograts on your new buy. I'd recommend getting in contact with James Dempsey @ ARDC They will be able to point you in the right direction and you can get discounts for most types of stuff. 8)
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    Hi Ho

    The web is a great place to start, try Some companies that do remapping advise that their chips are untraceable... 8) What we really need is an insurance guide that explains what is acceptable........
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    Hi Ho

    I have to say, having looked around at a few options saving your money and getting it chipped will make the most difference. Exhausts are probably next...
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    Air Intake

    I'm looking at uprating the intake for my Alfa and have a number of options raising in price, inluding: - std K&N - Pipercross panel filter - Sealed carbon kit On speaking to a mate the minimal bhp increase means the only reason he put one in was because it sounds good! Can anyone...
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    Vege Oil - Bio Diesel

    I used to run my Pug 1.8 GRD on Veggie Oil/Diesel but the mix was nearer 90%. Worked a treat and made me laugh at the same time! Wait and see their faces when you pull up outside a weightwatchers meeting and start revving your engine :evil:
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    neons and N2O

    If I were you I'd fit N2O before neons
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    What's happening PARKY
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    The 156 thread

    cheers Wayne, will drop them a line 8)
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    With modern cars being as highly tuned as they are Im not sure whether a strutbrace will improve the handling of my car. Is it worth the hassle? Any car les than ten years old of a reasonable spec will have had it's suspension extensively fine tuned and I wonder whether adding all the extra bits...
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    The 156 thread

    Spot on wayne! Angeltuning and Monzatuning are the two companies I've found so far for remaps. Unfortunately, Monza measure their chips using a graph based on RPM/lb per foot and Angel use g-force, so it's difficult to compare...however Angel will come to you. I have to say the Monza graph...
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    The 156 thread

    Cheers Wayne I've had a little shop around on the net but only really found two company's that remap. Angel and another company in West Sussex. I'll see how their re-maps compare and let you know! Is a panel filter an easy fit and where would I source one?
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    Newbie Alfa 156 UK, South England

    Goes like 'crud'? I didnt type that....anyway, it goes some when i put me foot down Cheers Isamu
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    Newbie Alfa 156 UK, South England

    Afraid I cant afford a GT, i have the 2 litre twin spark saloon jobby. Goes like *#*#*#*# though as it only has 35k on the engine. i have to admit I am considering getting the ECU remapped though :twisted:
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    I'm not that clued up on cars compared to alot of people but I'd imagine you could probably sell the 206 and with the cash get an older car with a bigger engine, hence more options for toys!!
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    Newbie Alfa 156 UK, South England

    Hi people I just bought a 2001 156 2.0 Lusso. Great car to drive! Looking to get some toys put on there and would be interested to hear any experiences you've had with your cars and any warnings that might be relevant!! I had an Audi Coupe before and a Renault 19 16v before that.
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    The 156 thread

    Hi I've just bought a 2001 156 2.0 litre Lusso. It's had a basic sports pack put on it I think as it doesnt have the wood trim etc... but other than that it's pretty dtandard. I wondered what mods are worth doing. im considering getting it chipped and obviously changing the wheels, but I...
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    Any 164 owners out there?

    Sorry mate, 156 8)

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